What you need to know about Pipe less Pedicure Chairs?

What you need to know about Pipe less Pedicure Chairs

When most people think of going to the salon to get a nice, relaxing pedicure at the nail salon, they usually don’t consider the possible bacteria and fungus that could result from this seemingly comforting and “clean” experience. However, the risk of such infections is likely, depending on the pedicure chairs and tools used in the salon. But, there is a solution. While most pedicure chairs have pipe jets, the solution is to go pipe less. Here is the difference: Many chairs come with pipe less jets, meaning that the jets themselves do not supplied water via an internal piping or hose system. This allows keeping bacteria down .In contrary, Piped jets also called Standard jets supplied water via convoluted matrix of pipes and hoses thus increasing the possibilities of bacteria build up in the inner workings. This in turn increases the risk of infection when using chairs that have standard jets.

A traditional pedicure chair with jets has a pump and a network of pipes to create jets and water movement. The problem with this system is that they are both loud and hard to clean. This means that bacteria can build up inside of the pipes and transfer from client to client through the water. A pipe less pedicure chair on the other hand, uses a propeller that moves the water within the tub to create the same jet feel without the noise and without water moving through the pipes where bacteria can collect. So, next time you walk in to a nail salon for a pedicure, make sure your first question is “Do you have pipe less pedicure chairs? .A pipe less pedicure refers to a specific type of spa equipment that gives the customer a foot bath. Instead of the water being piped in and out, the water is fully replaced between each use. That is why the spa or salon must have the highest standards for cleanliness and hygiene. In response to more stringent health guidelines for spas, we recommend the foot baths and the Lower cost Pipe less pedicure bowls.

This new trend in nail care provides clients an opportunity to receive the treatment they deserve and pay for the most sanitary way. So now, our clients can enjoy the same experience in a clean and bacteria-free environment. In addition, we also recommend our new state-of-the-art; affordable pedicure chairs that come with a full body shiatsu massage. That create the ultimate relaxing experience for our guests.

When a foot bath is over, skin oils, dead skin cells, and hair are left in the bowl. This makes the water unsanitary, so the bowl must be cleaned and sanitized between each use. The pipes that carry water from the pedicure bowl, as well as from the water jets, also need to be cleaned periodically. This can be a messy and time-consuming process for salons. Many manufacturers of pipe less pedicure equipment claim that some salons do not perform this task properly, leading to unsanitary conditions.

That is why we recommend a pipe less pedicure with a single pipe, which allows fresh water to flow into the bowl. The water jets move the water within the closed bowl, instead of pumping more in. The bowl is then removed for cleaning and sanitizing, a much easier task than cleaning out pipes. In some models, the water jet mechanisms are also easily removed for cleaning. Another benefit of pipe less pedicure equipment is a quieter operation, as the absence of pumps and blowers decreases noise. This allows for a more soothing spa experience. That why we highly recommend the: affordable Pedicure Portable Foot Spa: It is compact and lightweight. It has a removable tub that is easy to clean and refill. There is no plumbing or installation required because it does not have any hoses or external connections. This eco-friendly foot spa only uses 1.5 gallons of water, which is 80% less water than a larger spa. It also has disposable liners that are 100% recyclable.

Another kind of Pipe less pedicure found at half price is just a simple bowl. It is a freestanding basin which can be filled at a sink, then placed on the floor for a pedicure. A customer can also immerse their hands in the bowl for a manicure. These bowls may or may not have jets. Some of these types of portable spa equipment have been marketed for private use. In conclusion, there are benefits and disadvantages to getting a pipes less pedicure chairs. Always make sure to contact a licensed Plumber.

Pedicure Chair Choices To Consider For Your Nail Salon

If you plan to open a nail salon, you have to buy a lot of equipment and supplies. An important part of the furniture you need to get your new spa for a foot stool. In fact, if you intend to make your business a little bigger, to serve more customers, you need a variety of chair legs to better serve customers, this is your survival .

When you shop for your salon, you will see lots of desk and chair legs very difficult choices overall, about quality and design. Prices also vary depending on the style.

There are traditional looking chairs and more sophisticated types. You can select seats classic beauty of wood or something more modern and cutting edge. There are models that save space and some are a bit bigger and comfortable. Decor your nails will also be glad to know that the chair has different colors to match the surroundings spa.

If your spa has a classic design and traditional, you may want to choose a classic collection of chairs. These massage chairs are fitted with jet technology Pipeless wet. Footrests can be adjusted and you can choose to install solid oak side trays. The unit comes with fertilizer suitable for pedicurists. The minimum amount of bench space required is 72 inches in length and 44 inches in width.

If you have wooden furniture, you might like wood series. The seats in this collection are constructed with a number of wooden parts for a cozy appearance and comfort. Do different wood finish, the chairs go well with earth colors such as brown, cream, maroon and even black. The unit comes with 1 year warranty and is built similar to the classic collection.

Collection glass is easy space-saving variety that you can get for your spa. Sleek design and model many different colors. The space required to install seat is only 69 inches x 30 inches. It is shorter and narrower than other designs due to its thin legs glass sinks that do not come with a bulky base.

If you own a modern spa search, your best option is to get chairs modern look that will go well with the surrounding environment. The modern film appearance sleek and elegant. It also appears less bulky than other types of chairs. It is equipped with technology state-of-the-art LED lighting as an automated technology Pipeless wet jet, and other modern hardware.

Choose pedicure chairs suitable for your nails and spa should be done carefully and a lot of thought. It is not going to be easy to replace or exchange of goods such cumbersome if you realize that you want something else. Take your time and browse through the different styles, makes, and models before making your purchase. Consult with your interior designer or an experienced provider of choice may be.

Pedicure Chair your knowledge base online

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La plumeria pedicure chair

LaPlumeria pedicure chair, best price on the web.

Experience the luxury and comfort added by the LaPlumeria pedicure chair with no pumbing required. Ultra leather seating with built-in roller massage and aesthetically pleasing classic mosaic design makes the spa experience one to remember.

  • Shiatsu Massage
  • Manicure Tray
  • Automatic Power slide and recline
  • Adjustable Up/Down armrests
  • Pull out Spray
  • Certifications CSA approved & UL listed
  • Manufactures reserve the right to change the specs without notice.

How Do I Choose the Best Pedicure Chair?

Pedicure chairs are built to massage a person’s back as he or she receives a pedicure. Typically, the chairs have cupholders, magazine racks, and special jet streams that massage the feet. Controlled heat for the water can be an important factor, as well — a person usually cannot be expected to place his or her feet in water that is too hot or too cold. The upholstery on a pedicure chair can be an important item for a person to pay attention to, as most people don’t want an unpleasant skin irritation as they get out of the chair. To choose the best chair, you most likely will need to keep all of these features in mind, as well as quality, durability, and craftsmanship.

An option that you might want to consider in your search is to observe as many chairs as you can in as many different salons as possible. Keep an eye out for customer discomfort as he or she steps into the chair. Observe the comfort and relaxation levels of the customer as he or she sits in the chair during the pedicure. An uncomfortable chair can be a detriment to both the customer and the business.

If you are the owner of a spa or salon, you can usually find the best pedicure chair for your business on the Internet. While you might not be prepared to spend a fortune on getting a salon started, the choice of a pedicure chair typically should depend on what type of business you intend to have. If you are aiming to be a luxury-oriented spa, then you might consider purchasing a chair with more features; if you are only interested in high customer turnover, then you might consider a model with fewer options.

For a more luxury-oriented spa, you might consider a high-end model, such as the Forte, which has an auto massage cycle, or the iSpa, which doubles as an entertainment and learning center. The iSpa has speakers and an iPod dock built-in to the egg-shaped chair, which also provides the mandatory massage. Future models are promising to have a built-in laptop table and Internet connection, as well.

Salon owners whose main concern is turning over as many customers as possible in a given day might consider purchasing pedicure chairs that will help create a client base. Typically, owners will have to choose a chair based on cost. The number of pedicure chairs in these type of salons can range anywhere from two to 35, or more.

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