8 “Sure Thing” Salon Retailing Tips

There are several salon retailing tips that can almost guarantee higher profits to a salon, and they are listed below in random order.

1. Your attitude ALWAYS determines your altitude. Realize that EVERY business requires selling to some extent, and that you will need to offer your suggested products to your customers. They are coming to you because they have specific problems that need to be solved, and they see YOU as the expert to help them present a solution. So all you have to do is simply analyze their problem, and show them a solution using one of your services or products that you have to sell. They are more apt to buy from you if you present them a solution in this manner. Realize that your customers TRUST you and respect your expert opinions, especially when it comes to their hair or nails! You are not a pushy used car salesman, you are actually trying to help out your customer with advice that they need. Have confidence in yourself and your position of power, and don’t be afraid of “selling” to your clients. It’s what they expect!


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