Tips for Starting a Beauty Salon, from the “Hair Queen”

The “Hair Queen” herself, Suzanne Van Houten, has been in the beauty industry for over 30 years, and has worked as a colorist and stylist during that time. She has also owned her own salon for at least 15 years, so she is pretty knowledgeable on the subject.

Van Houten is interested in helping share her expert knowledge about the beauty field to those thinking about starting their own salons. She always applauds stylists and technicians who are interested in owning their own business, “Congratulations on having that dream!” But then, she gets down to business and asks questions that really probe the person’s suitability for business ownership.


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Design Your Own Beauty Salon from Scratch

Everyone know that beauty salons are designed to make women more beautiful, but they also need to have a great atmosphere and look good too. The first thing a new customer sees as they walk through the door is the look and feel of the place, and if you provide a welcoming environment it will go a long way in reassuring them. A beauty salon owner should always try to put the comfort and well-being of the customer in mind when designing the right spa for their clients.  Can they tell that you know the industry very well and adhere to professional standards simply by standing in the lobby? Try to view it as a new customer would, and soak in the colors, aromas, and decor. Spend a little extra time ensuring that you have a very attractive salon, and this will help you increase customer retention and maintain a profitable business.


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Beauty Salon Owner Earnings: How Much?

Beauty salon owners provide any number of services and products to the public, from basic hair care to nail care and spa services. Specific services may include pedicures, manicures, tanning, or massages. The actual income a beauty salon owner will make depends on a number of factors, such as the number of employees, what services are provided, state of the economy, and the particular region or location.


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Six Methods to Successfully Market your Spa or Salon

Are you looking to increase your visibility in the marketplace?

Traditional spas and salons are still around, but today there are many other options that the owner can choose in order to jazz up their shop! The definition has broadened for beauty and health today, and isn’t defined by traditional beauty salons anymore; it’s pretty obvious that the industry has branched out to encompass other areas! Think in terms of spas and fitness centers… Since these transitions are popular today, why stick to the old business methods? In order to move mainstream, you have to embrace the tech-savvy world and focus on where the people are.  They are more apt to be perusing the internet and websites than they are looking at pamphlets and newspapers.


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Managing a Hair Salon and Being Successful

Always be sure you know what it is that your customers are looking for as far as services and products, and be sure to keep a tight ship around your hair salon. These are a couple of keys to managing a successful hair salon.

6 Tips to Successfully Managing a Hair Salon

  • Know Your Local Area

Stay current on hairstyle trends in your area. You may want to notice how women are wearing their hair as you wander around your neighborhood, as that will be a great way to see what’s popular. Find out what the locals are looking for in terms of a salon, and then you can begin to meet their needs.

  • Watch Your Customers for Clues

A customer may tell you they love their new look, but what if you never see them again? What does that say about whether or not they liked it? If you have heard about the “silent majority”, these are the people you have to keep an eye out for. They may not tell you if they hate their haircut, so you have to watch them close. Look for body language or facial expressions for concern or disappointment, and then politely offer something a little different.


  • Have Reasonable Prices

Make an extra effort at pricing your services just right. You don’t want to be the cheapest in town, because you want your clientele to respect you and the great services you provide. However, you want to have people come back again and again as regular customers, and if they can’t afford to come back at least once a month then you may be priced too high. Search for a good balance between too cheap and too expensive.

  • Include More Variety

Bring more options and services into the mix, and turn your hair salon into a whole beauty salon. Create a “destination” salon, and look into offering ear piercing, manicures, pedicures, and other options. You also want to be certain you are covering all your bases with hair by offering cuts, perms, washes, rinses, curlers and dyes.

  • Wear Black

It may sound strange, but Its a fact that hair salon clients feel more comfortable and relaxed when their stylist wears black. Maybe on some psychological level, it helps to drive away their apprehensions. Whatever the reason, it works.

  • Keep Up With Cleanliness and Decor

Think about what your customers are looking for in the atmosphere… A warm, inviting, professional salon, which creates the proper mood for relaxation and pampering – it’s up to you to provide that. Décor and cleanliness must work together to put your customers at ease immediately upon entering your hair salon.


If you follow these 6 suggestions you should be able to successfully manage your hair or beauty salon.

Control the Overhead in Your Hair Salon

A good salon manager will keep track of the overhead and other incidental expenses associated with running a business. Having lots of products sitting on the shelves that don’t sell can be a drain on resources. Make sure you understand which items are hot sellers, and which may not sell so well.

Also make sure to keep track of your number of employees and what specialties they may have. While it is sometimes a good idea to have stylists that specialize in a single technique such as curling or braiding, you also want to ensure that they all have the basic skills needed to meet every customer’s needs. Also, unless your customers use certain services in excess, you may want to think twice before having more than one stylist that specializes in the same thing.

Improve Your Bottom Line

Ask yourself if there is any way to combine tasks in order to cut back on hourly or part-time help. Do you really need an employee dedicated to sweeping or booking appointments?

Maybe your stylists can take a minute or two in between clients to do those chores themselves? There are always ways to cut back on overhead in order to increase revenue, and with enough foresight and creativity a good salon manager can overcome all obstacles!

Open Your Own Beauty Salon

Having a salon can be a great business option. After all, everyone wants to look and feel their best. They don’t mind spending money on the pursuit of beauty, and that’s why spas and salons are always in great demand. Women want to be attractive and desired. Even in uncertain economic times, people are always ready to invest money to try and help them look their best.


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