How to Make a Pedicure Last

way paint nail with spasalon.usA pedicure can make your feet look and feel splendid, but they can be costly and many of us simply don’t have the time to have regular pedicures. Hope this post will help you to make the best of a nail and hold on the results for as long as possible!!

Step :

1. Reapply a clear top coat over your polish weekly. This will maintain the colour & keep up to 4 weeks
2. You can use the rasp to gently remove hard skin from the soles of the feet. This should be done weekly after a bath.
3. Exfoliate the skin on you feet and lower legs twice a week to maintain softness and aid the removal of dull dead skin cells.
4. Massage moisturising lotion into the feet and lower legs daily. you will maintain softness and suppleness and the massage motions help to which is great for radiant, stimulate blood circulation, healthy skin and easing aches and pains.

Spa Pedicure Chair – beauty treatment

Beauty treatment with spa pedicure chair

The pedicure is very important with everyone. Pedicure is a method of treatment for your feet in which they help you in improving your nails and feet. They also protect your foot from getting any kind of nail infection or nail disorders. One of the methods of pedicure includes a warm aromatherapy in which your feet are soaked in the water and this helps in soothing your skin underneath the feet. The pedicure therapy also includes massaging of your knees and toes and polishing your nails. Nowaday, the developing technology has affected the spa world in a good way and so; here are some of the various types of spa pedicure chair for your feet. They are mentioned below:

spa pedicure chair
spa pedicure chair

Spa Pedicure Chair for Your Feet and nails:

Spa pedicure chair: The main denotement of this spa pedicure chair is it is employed for relaxation and massage for your feet. The materials used for this chair and polyurethane leather and solid wood and it is available in various many colors like red, blue, white …. The features of this pedicure chairs are they have pipeless and they provide massages like tapping, kneading, vibration and tour pinching massage. We can move spa chair front and back easily about 15 to 30 centimeters.

Spa pedicure chair has Electricity in foot :

The material used for the electric foot spa chair is acrylic. We can see it consists of air bottom which controls the power of pipeless jet. It has hot and cold water valve and it has water discharging facility. They have spout for water inlet and sprayer head for cleaning after work.

The color red and hot spa pedicure chair:

The material used for the tub of red and hot pedicure chair is fiberglass. They are equipped with two ways of sprayer head and three ways of distributor valve. They have hot and cold water faucet and the foot rest can be lifted up and go down upto two levels. The red and hot pedicure spa chair also contains light emitting diode lamps which can change into many jarring opinions of colors. They even have a water discharging system. The chair his equipped with five motor controls and four driver wheels with a massaging system. Pedicure chairs have a vibrating massaging seat and a client can use remote control with LCD screen.


Salon Pedicure Chairs – tips to buy

Salon pedicure chairs for new salons

Starting a nail salon is a great idea. And it continues to remain a good business despite today’s changing economic times. But we can see this type of business requires a substantial start up investment:

You will need a storefront location, Business license, insurance.  And most importantly, you need state and/or local permits, Licensed nail technicians and well trained staff. You also need a wide variety of nail colors and manicure supplies.

salon pedicure chairs
salon pedicure chairs

Here are some tips and advice you need to know before you buy salon pedicure chairs for nail salon.

– Deal with just reputable dealers and manufacturers of salon pedicure chairs

– Choose companies that have a great reputation for best salon pedicure chairs

Have you talked with the owner, or the president, of the firm? How do customers rate their products and services?

– Buy directly : buy directly from a manufacturer and save money. Buying directly will give you access to direct support regarding to salon pedicure chairs from the company.

– Money back guarantee : only buy from companies that offer you a written 30-day money-back guarantee.

– Parts : buy from a manufacturer that has a large selection of salon pedicure chair parts. You might need to contact them later for new parts for your chairs

– Longevity : buy from companies that have been in business for seven years or more.

– Service department : have you met and seen the service department, and do they have full-time staff dedicated to service and repair? If not, please beware!

– Buy quality: getting a best price for a bad product that will only break down is not a good deal.

– Buy U.S. :Buy American made for high quality.

– Trade in program : This can save you hundreds, even thousands of dollars in final price as well as your time and effort in disposing of obsolete equipment.

– ETL or UL certified products : make sure they have ETL or UL certified pedicure chairs.

Salon pedicure chairs for lease – A solution to your finance

Furnishing a new nail salon can get very expensive very quickly. SpaSalon US also offers financing which may make the dream of salon ownership a reality. This is especially helpful for those who may not be able to afford to open a nail salon otherwise.



Do’s and don’ts for healthy nails

Tips for weak or brittle fingernails

nail care spasalon.usWeak nails can be a challenge to toughen up. To protect weak or brittle fingernails and reduce the risk of splitting or breaking:

Don’t Keep your nails long. Long nails are more likely to split or break.
Use product care nails. Apply moisturizer to your fingernails and cuticles several times throughout the day and before bed. Consider wearing cotton gloves while you sleep, to help seal in the moisture.

Limit use of nail polish remover. Don’t use nail polish remover more than once a week. When you do need to use nail polish remover, choose the acetone-free variety. It will make your nail become dries.

Ask your doctor about biotin supplements or nail salon. Changing your diet or taking daily multivitamins isn’t likely to strengthen your nails. However, some research suggests that the nutritional supplement biotin might help strengthen weak or brittle fingernails.
A note about manicures and pedicures

If you rely on manicures or pedicures for healthy looking nails. Stick to salons that display a current state license, and work only with technicians also licensed by the state board. Don’t have your cuticles removed — it can lead to nail infection. Another, make sure your nail technician properly sterilizes all tools used when care your nail. Various infections can spread through the use of unsterilized tools. You might also ask how the foot baths are cleaned. Ideally, a bleach solution is used between clients and the filters are cleaned regularly.

It’s easy to neglect your nails — but there’s much you can do to keep your fingernails healthy and strong. Start with basic nail care or use service from nail salon.

Choosing the best nail product for your nail salon - nail toolsNail salons, facilitating nail care are highly in demand these days. With growing sense of beauty, the demand for nail care has also become high among everybody. To enhance nail care the nail salons are focusing more on various resourceful methods and branded products and systems.

Choosing the best salon supplies for your nail salon:
When we go to a parlour we look for getting the professional service and specialised care in the luxurious way. Whole choosing the essential salon supplies like nail dryer, Nail cleaner, Nail Pliers, Cuticle pusher, Tip Clipper, Tip tailors, get it from the best brands so that they work with high level of performance and do not cause damage anyway. The salon supplies are needed for manicures and pedicures and proper use of materials customers can have a great experience.

A nail salon cannot do without luxurious nail care products like, pedicure chair, nail chair, Manicure and Pedicure Products, Nail Gel Systems, Fibreglass Nail & Silk Nail Systems, Manicure & Pedicure Accessories and Tools, Acrylic Nail Extensions, Nail Polishing Buffers, Waxing, Paraffin Wax & Accessories, etc.

Pedicure is an essential service of a salon and many people come for a pedicure not for only beauty care of their feet but for relaxation. Therefore pedicure spa is very important. With built-in foot spa with luxury padded chair and rolling massagers the clients can experience a warm and relaxing massage that give them ultimate satisfaction. While choosing such specialised items make sure they are of the highest quality.

Among the salon supplies Nail Polish Kits, Nail Polish Top/Base & Nail Finishing Products, Nail Strengtheners, Nail Varnish Remover are very important and salon supplies consists of top branded products to ensure best performance.

The Nail Company is a prime name in supplying nail salon supplies including all beauty care products of high quality. The comprehensive range of nail care products from the Nail Company are favoured by most of the salon owners, manicurists, nail technicians, beauty therapists, nail technicians and enrolled beauty therapy students. For the high quality beauty salon supplies of leading brands The Nail Company is a dependable option.

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Ideal nails everywhere

Nail care  very easy when Do These Nails

nail with

1. Prep nails for gel polish, including applying and curing the appropriate base coat.

2. Randomly apply an aqua glitter mix (including glitter flakes, micro beads, and hexagon glitter) to the tacky layer.

3. Apply Gelish to Top It Off and 3 mm. aqua rhinestones, 2 mm. and 4 mm. Silver micro beads and aurora borealis rhinestones. (See below explanation for three different configurations.) Seal with two more coats of Top It Off, encasing the tops and sides of the stones, curing between each coat. Wipe with a lint-free cloth and alcohol.

3rd nail: Diagonal: The diagonal French stone placement adds some edginess.

4th nail: Serpentine: The S-shaped curve of stones gives nails an elongated appearance.

5th nail: Bubble Up: Place all the stones together for a more conservative client.