The Benefits of using Natural/Organic Products

The use of natural and organic products has become increasingly popular over the past 5 years; from household cleaning products to cosmetics. Not only are they better for the environment but also much better for you and your client’s health. As consumers continue to educate themselves on the benefits of buying and using natural products they are looking for similar products when they enter their neighboring Spa & Salon. In order to remain competitive and stay in tune with your client’s demand the conversion will eventually have to take place. You can always start off slowly (ex. Sugar/Salt scrubs & lotions), the beauty is these scrubs are easy to make, can be bought locally, or can be purchased in large quantities just like any other spa salon supplies.

The Benefits of using Natural/

The use of citrus fruits (lemon, orange, and grapefruit) not only has a lovely aroma and is found to be very refreshing, but also rejuvenates the skin, detoxes the body, and relaxes the mind. The use of these fruits in lotions and scrubs are enjoyed and found to be clarifying to customers add a hint of mint or thyme to create an even more refreshing and stimulating experience.

Organic Products

Proper Salon Etiquette

Great customer service along with excelling at your craft is a definite must have in keeping your customers happy, but don’t forget etiquette.  Portraying proper Salon Etiquette shows your professionalism and appreciation of your customer’s business. There’s nothing more frustrating to a customer than receiving service from a specialist who does not respect their time and does not use good etiquette.  Here are a few easy and simple practices that you can implement in your salon and spa.

Proper Salon Etiquette

  • Dress professionally – Stay away from shorts
  • Keep your work station clean & neat – sanitize your station and wipe away dust and excess particles
  • Limit the use of your cell phone when with a client
  • Be on time – try not to overbook, customers do not like to wait
  • Don’t ever let your customer feel like they are being rushed even if you are in a hurry.
  • Keep your conversations professional – absolutely no gossiping – especially about other customers
  • These are some great tips that will help you to retain and increase your clientele.  Implementing these simple practices will make your customers feel like they are priority #1 in your presence.

Tips for Starting a Beauty Salon, from the “Hair Queen”

The “Hair Queen” herself, Suzanne Van Houten, has been in the beauty industry for over 30 years, and has worked as a colorist and stylist during that time. She has also owned her own salon for at least 15 years, so she is pretty knowledgeable on the subject.

Van Houten is interested in helping share her expert knowledge about the beauty field to those thinking about starting their own salons. She always applauds stylists and technicians who are interested in owning their own business, “Congratulations on having that dream!” But then, she gets down to business and asks questions that really probe the person’s suitability for business ownership.


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Design Your Own Beauty Salon from Scratch

Everyone know that beauty salons are designed to make women more beautiful, but they also need to have a great atmosphere and look good too. The first thing a new customer sees as they walk through the door is the look and feel of the place, and if you provide a welcoming environment it will go a long way in reassuring them. A beauty salon owner should always try to put the comfort and well-being of the customer in mind when designing the right spa for their clients.  Can they tell that you know the industry very well and adhere to professional standards simply by standing in the lobby? Try to view it as a new customer would, and soak in the colors, aromas, and decor. Spend a little extra time ensuring that you have a very attractive salon, and this will help you increase customer retention and maintain a profitable business.


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Beauty Salon Owner Earnings: How Much?

Beauty salon owners provide any number of services and products to the public, from basic hair care to nail care and spa services. Specific services may include pedicures, manicures, tanning, or massages. The actual income a beauty salon owner will make depends on a number of factors, such as the number of employees, what services are provided, state of the economy, and the particular region or location.


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Six Methods to Successfully Market your Spa or Salon

Are you looking to increase your visibility in the marketplace?

Traditional spas and salons are still around, but today there are many other options that the owner can choose in order to jazz up their shop! The definition has broadened for beauty and health today, and isn’t defined by traditional beauty salons anymore; it’s pretty obvious that the industry has branched out to encompass other areas! Think in terms of spas and fitness centers… Since these transitions are popular today, why stick to the old business methods? In order to move mainstream, you have to embrace the tech-savvy world and focus on where the people are.  They are more apt to be perusing the internet and websites than they are looking at pamphlets and newspapers.


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Open Your Own Beauty Salon

Having a salon can be a great business option. After all, everyone wants to look and feel their best. They don’t mind spending money on the pursuit of beauty, and that’s why spas and salons are always in great demand. Women want to be attractive and desired. Even in uncertain economic times, people are always ready to invest money to try and help them look their best.


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