Do anti-ageing spa treatments work?

Do anti-aging spa therapies really effective? Prepare for some extreme events! Can not go back in time. Your face and body will age, whether you cover it, or apply it to your skin. However, you can accept your age and be commended for your brilliant skin, just by taking care of what you put into your body.

What happens to our skin as we age?

As we age, our bodies produce less collagen (the plastic on our skin) and elastin (which makes our skin healthy). Anti-aging products usually have two main purposes: to increase the production of collagen and elastin, or slow down their natural loss.

The only way to replace wrinkles and pockets is surgery, or injection, which will not really prevent you from aging, and certainly will not be done gently.

However, according to dermatologist Nicholas Lowe, at a conference of the Royal Society of Physicians in 2002, “about 30% of facial aging is genetic, but the vast majority are other dangerous things that they We touch. ”

So, that means there are things we can do to keep the youth alive.

The golden rule to delay the effects of aging

So what can we do?

  1. Manage your sun exposure safely every day

Everything in moderation! Too much sun will cause skin damage; Not enough sunshine can lead to vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D deficiency causes health problems like arthritis, osteoporosis and diabetes. The strongest sun rays are between 11am and 3pm, so take 10-15 minutes to soak in the sun outside these times.

  1. Absolutely no sunbathing session

Investigating imitation skin if you have to be copper, such as skin cancer risk, and premature aging, must make sun beds no-no for smart spa-goer.

  1. Do not smoke
  • Smoking increases the aging of the skin because free radicals are created by exposure to tobacco smoke. (Free radicals are unstable molecules that can cause disease and damage DNA of the cell.) The smoke will make you wrinkles early.
  • Smoking also: O Limit blood flow, prevent oxygen and nutrients from reaching your skin
  • Increases the production of an enzyme that breaks down collagen supply to the structure of the skin
  • Reduces Vitamin A storage and prevents you from absorbing Vitamin C.
  1. Keep stress

Stress will create many folds and wrinkles. A study of 186 twins showed that it is possible to “cheat your biological clock” if you avoid certain factors – and stress is one of them. Research shows that divorced twins often look nearly two years older than siblings, married or widowed.

So check out the spa treatments that will help you relax and unwind. Relaxing massage has the effect of treating your mental and physical, as well as the moisturizing effect on your skin, thanks to the oil used by therapists.

  1. Use lotion with vitamin A derivatives

According to Chris Griffiths, Hope Hospital, Manchester, creams with the correct formulation have been found “effective in repairing skin aging as well as skin that is contaminated with radiation.”

What is the best spa solution to combat aging?

The owner of the award-winning Spa Spa, Treatment Room, Clare Rogers, advises:

“Leading Brands with Vitamin-Based Products Anti-aging skin care products use equipment intended to get these products into your skin, they think they can do this because the ingredients Molecular structure of the cream is designed to enter your skin.

Ultrasound is used to push the product into your skin. Think of a sieve with flour, not to go out until you add movement. Using ultrasound in a face adds that motion to shake the product through into your skin.

Electricity – on a personal level, I do not care about using them. Your body must create a circuit for this to work, and it worries me that it can interfere with the electrical waves of your body. It is as effective as a treat. High-frequency currents and electrodes work well and the product goes deeper than manual treatment. ”

Should you regularly face anti-aging?

If you start as soon as possible, take care of your skin, then you will have a better chance to maintain good skin throughout your life. So never too late to start!

“Clearly, a treatment is more effective than one-time treatment.” Monthly skin care is great, go see the specialist, who will repair any damage to your skin, and then Helps you get stronger skin.

“If you only get one face on one side, I recommend a consultation and maybe Microderm and Clear Crystal Oxygen Treatment. You need to get the skin surface to get the product in, the The treatment is most effective and will give immediate results lasting about a week. ”

What is the best solution for home anti aging?

“Bath and scrub helps to maintain a healthy complexion and drink plenty of water to moisturise the skin.”


A pillow silk! Cotton absorbed, no silk. Why spend time and money treating your skin if the products soak in your pillow overnight? Moreover, that luxury will help you strengthen the spirit.

When was the last time you updated your salon decor?


If the last time you updated the look of your salon was when Bill Clinton was President then it’s time to take a hint from the salon world.

It’s important to reinvent the look of your salon every so often, otherwise you may unwittingly give the wrong impression to your clients. Keep in mind that trends tend to evolve every three to five years!  A stylish, fashion forward salon will let your current and potential clients know that you and your stylists are up-to-date with the latest trends in wellness and beauty.

We know you don’t want your salon looking stale and outdated. So keep your space fresh, salons should undergo a restyling about every two years, and a complete salon remodel every five to six years.

It may sound daunting, but inspiration is all around you. Need help getting the creative juices flowing? No problem. We’ve compiled seven ideas to help you transform your salon into a thing of beauty!

7 Creative Salon Remodeling Ideas

  1. Play Up Your Space
    An all-white sleek minimalist look will be all wrong in a salon located in a historic century building. Think about the exterior of your salon and play up to its charm Whether that’s ultra-modern or warm and inviting, there are countless ways to incorporate your space’s existing beauty. Some small tips are adding a little black or the hot color, but not too much color.
  2. Recycle, Reuse, Repurpose
    Have some fun scoping out online stores and used furniture stores where you can really find some unique inspiration such as antique chandeliers, table lamps, decorations and wall art. Find accessories to decorate your salon with, and make something old, new again.
  3. Incorporate Your Personal Style
    If you have a quirky style all your own, don’t be afraid to let it loose. Looking for salon accessories is an easy way to incorporate your kind of style without going overboard Look for mirrors, shelves, or decor accessories that showcase your personality.
  4. Fabulous and Functional
    Floor mats are a staple in all salons. Yes, they need to be functional but they can also add flare to your space. Look for floor mats with beveled edges, jigsaw styling and a high-quality polyurethane thickness for comfort and durability.
  5. Get Colorful
    Add pizazz to your salon by incorporating splashes of color in unexpected ways. If your salon walls are monochromatic, make a daring statement with red salon chairs. On the flip side, if you have bold colors throughout your salon use white chairs for a pleasing contrast.
  6. Help your Clients Relax and Unwind
    A trendy added benefit in high-end salons is incorporating refreshments in their services. Let your clients chill out with a cool glass of chardonnay or refreshing lager as they let their day melt away.
  7. Pamper Your Clients
    If you’re adding or revamping additional salon services, do so with your clients comfort in mind. Look for spa-inspired furniture and products to give your clients the ultimate in comfort, functionality, and luxury. They’ll be sure to come back for more!

Now that you’ve got some ideas on restyling your salon we’re going to help you with the practical ideas. Remodeling can be fun, but it also takes careful planning and preparation. Don’t worry, we’re here to help.

How to decorate a nail salon on a low budget


Nail salons, with low up-front costs, are an excellent option for first-time entrepreneurs in any economy. A nail salon is the perfect business for someone who is passionate about nails and spa salons, fashion and incorporating art into the work of beautification. A great way to express yourself and set your business apart is by decorating your nail salon in a way that presents a professional appearance to reassure customers but is creative enough to draw them in. Decorating the salon while keeping a low budget will help your new business to be successful.

Step 1

Visit your local hardware stores and search through the bulk paints that have been mixed with the wrong color. Keep a watch on these paint sections at multiple hardware stores until you find a color of paint that will put your customers in a relaxed frame of mind, and still communicate a fresh and stylish store appearance. Apply the paint to the walls using smooth, even brushstrokes. Add joint compound to the paint to give it a textured appearance.

Step 2

Search through liquidation sales and business closeout sales for equipment from other nail salons that have gone out of business and purchase any relevant equipment of pedicure chair. School closings and office closings are also useful for finding desk chairs, desks and organization equipment. Refurbish the equipment in such a way that it has an overall theme, by refinishing it with stain or painting it.

Step 3

Find vintage floor lamps, desk lamps and additional lighting from thrift stores and business closings. Replace the bulbs with attractive, mellow filament bulbs to provide a soft lighting environment.

Step 4

As business continues, use the by-products of the business to create attractive decorations and furnishings to decorate it. Examples of this include creating objects out of clear nail polish bottles such as chandeliers or other lamps for your spa salon.

New or used spa chair

We’ll go through an analysis of price, features and performance of the two types mentioned.

Compare prices of used chairs and new

L270-Seashell-GansBoro-368x293Seats Used: L270 Seats Spa jet from: US $ 1,059.00

New Seats nail: Glass Bowl Spa pedicure chairs  jet from

Ranging from US $ 1,800.00 to $ 3,000.00

Analysis Used pedicure chairs – Price, Features and Performance

Seats nail used is obviously cheaper than new pedicure chairs, even if they are high-tech used the chair legs or not. However, the features of the pedicure chairs are used not completely listed on the site, giving shoppers a little opportunity to consider the option of buying their goods. And moreover, there is no information on the warranty, make a purchase at higher risk of getting a bad pedicure chairs used.

Take pedicure chairs used above is an example. Prices of pedicure chairs used is US $ 1,059.00. If you want shipped to your home address , you pay $ 85 more  and you pay an extra $ 15O if you want a drain pump,. If you want a chair pedicurist, you pay $ 65 extra. Add all these charges together, you will have to pay  higher than buy 1 new seat.

Now obviously want to buy a brand new pedicure chairs instead is used. Why? Because the new ones cost less than used pedicure chairs, free shipping, with the same features, and even better.

With pedicure chairs is used, you must select by color limit of the seat. With new pedicure chairs, you are free to choose which colors suit your salon best.

You do not know what may have happened to the pedicure chairs used if you buy them because it has a lot of uses. With new pedicure chairs, all the features are listed, so you have all the information needed to consider your alternatives.

So now, if you are a smart shopper, you can know whether you should use pedicure chairs for your salon or not.

Pedicure chair buyers guide

Pedicure chair buyers guide

Starting a nail salon is a great idea and continues to remain a good business despite today’s changing economic times. However, this type of business requires a substantial start up investment:

  • You will need a storefront location
  • Business license, insurance, and state and/or local permits
  • Licensed nail technicians and well trained staff
  • A wide variety of nail colors and manicure supplies
  • A menu of salon services
  • Financial-tracking software
  • Furniture and equipment manufactured specifically for nail salons

Furnishing your salon with the proper, high quality equipment is paramount to your success. Here are some tips and advice you need to know before you purchase your pedicure chairs or nail salon furniture and accessories.

Top 10 Pedicure Chair Buyers Guide

  1. Deal only with only reputable dealers and manufacturers.
    Does the company that you are buying the pedicure chairs from, have a great reputation?
    Have you talked with the owner, or the president, of the firm? How do customers rate their products and services?
  1. Buy direct
    Buy direct from a manufacturer and save money. Buying direct will give you access to support directly from the company. No middle man whatsoever.
  1. Money back guarantee
    Only buy from companies that offer you a written 30-day money-back guarantee.
  1. Parts
    Buy from a manufacturer that has a large selection of parts from every pedicure chair that they have ever manufactured in the last 10 years.
  1. Longevity
    Buy from companies that have been in business for seven years or more. Will they be in business next year?
  1. Service department
    Have you met and seen the service department, and do they have full-time staff dedicated to service and repair? If not, please beware!
  1. Buy quality
    Getting a great price for a bad product that will only break down is not a good deal.
    Have the manufacturer show you the quality of the product, including all parts?
  1. Buy U.S.
    Buy American made for superior quality.
  1. Trade in program
    Do they offer a trade-in program? This can save you hundreds, even thousands of dollars in final price as well as your time and effort in disposing of obsolete equipment.
  1. ETL or UL certified products
    Make sure they have ETL or UL certified pedicure chairs.
    Furnishing a new nail salon can get very expensive very quickly.

Teaching children how to take care their pedicure and manicure

Teaching children how to take care their pedicure and manicure

Teaching children how to take care their pedicure and manicure

This is one of the key skills, basic self-care helps children, cherish their own health.

In the early years, when the children are not themselves cut their own nails, you need to help her do this. It was only when she was about 9-10 years old baby holding scissors and other instruments for manicures and pedicures.

For children before school age

Every week you should cut nails for baby.  The best time to cut your nails is after bathing your baby. Now, clean nails and softer, more easily cut.

Cutting tools have to choose your baby’s nails only for children, not use common utensils to manicures, pedicures of babies. If you use nail clippers, should choose the same curved blade by way of the baby’s nail shape and you should wait until your baby to sleep to perform.

For toenails, you should cut a straight line, not so close to the edge cutting.

To restrict latch, nail biting, unsanitary, you should always observe the nails, pedicures, baby, when the extension is to be cut too. This prevents scratching the surface of his little hand or rake face other children.

Help children hygiene nails

For children from kindergarten to grade 3

You still need to help her manicures and pedicures in this age until they are 9 years old. However, at this age, the baby quite like to express yourself, so you should take care not to cut your baby. If she cut deeply into the skin, you need to sterilize the baby immediately. You should also bring attention to baby shoes. Too short or tight shoes, tight can cause wound pain, discomfort, growing toenails curl inward.For children from grade 4 to grade 6

From 9 years and up, children themselves can cut toenails, fingernails are. You should buy the child a caring nails as drag, click, filing … Children will be proud and feel bigger because people can manage to take care of myself.

You should regularly remind baby manicures, pedicures his schedule by recording specific date.

In addition to manicures and pedicures, you need to teach hand-washing, hygiene and clean nails. In the supermarkets are selling the nail brush. No nail care but also need to take care of skin around the nail.

Comfort an Important Consideration When Purchasing Salon Furniture


Have you ever seen furniture that looks aesthetically attractive and blends well with the décor only to sit on it and discover just how uncomfortable it really is? Don’t let this happen when you purchase hairdressing salon furniture ! Yes, you should focus on the overall ambience of your business but don’t allow looks to trump comfort.

Attention to Client Comfort

Clean lines, a spotless and organized work area and excellent customer service are all hallmarks of a successful hair salon. However, if you want clients to relax and enjoy the atmosphere while being pampered, the furniture you choose must be comfortable. If it is not, your clients will think that they are not valued. Perception plays a large part in winning and retaining clients, particularly in the hair business.

Choosing Furniture Pieces

Addressing client comfort, look for quality pieces with durable materials. The shampoo chairs you select should be well-cushioned and able to easily reach the basin. You will likely have clients with back and neck trouble periodically so chairs that easily reach the wash basins can be quite important. A vinyl material is optimal for the upholstery as it holds up well to wear and tear as well as water.

A hydraulic system for salon chairs is important for stylist comfort as it allows the chair to move up and down according to client height. Depending on the services the client pays for, they could be in a salon chair for hours so it is important that the seat and back offers a lot of cushion along with sturdy armrests and enough wiggle room for the heavier body frames.

If you offer pedicures, the pedicure chair should be tested for comfort. Even the beauty tables utilised for facials and the massage tables should have plenty of padding. It can be hard to explain to a client getting a massage why the table they are laying on for a relaxing treatment is anything but relaxing.

Don’t Neglect the Waiting Area

If clients have to wait for a few minutes for their stylist, a comfortable seating area in reception should be available for them. Whether you purchase a high-backed lounger or even ottomans, the seats should be well-cushioned and offer some body support.

When possible, physically test the salon furniture you are considering for durability and comfort. While looks are important, the true test is whether or not a client would willingly sit on your furniture for hours for a variety of services without complaint.