Things to Consider When Purchasing a Pedicure Spa Chair

Things to Consider When Purchasing a Pedicure Spa Chair

In a market littered with pedicure spa manufacturers, now more than ever it is extremely important to do your homework prior to purchasing a pedicure spa. Adding or replacing pedicure spas can cost $1,500 or upwards of $100,000 depending on the number of locations and type of salon or spa. Any way you look at it, purchasing a pedicure spa is a large expense and several key items should be considered prior to making your decision.

#1.  Quality – The pedicure spa industry is not unlike every other industry, you get what you pay for. There is no substitute for a pedicure spa built in the United States utilizing major components from United States suppliers. Remember, when you buy on price, you buy twice.

#2.  Customer Service – Every company in every industry has problems.  Its how a company handles those problems that set them apart from all the others. Make sure you work with a U.S. based company that views customer service as an integral part of their business.

#3.  Warranty – All manufactures claim to warranty their spa salon products, but do they really?  After you read the “fine print” or “exclusions” you may find a warranty is not a warranty at all. One major manufacturer’s warranty reads:  (for parts under warranty) “the customer shall bear all charges incurred for the shipment to it of a replacement spa or components or parts.” Make sure to read all warranties prior to making a decision.

Things to Consider When Purchasing a Pedicure Spa Chair 1

#4.  Design – Do you really want plastic pedicure spas that look exactly like the pedicure spas in the salon down the street? Set yourself apart from the competition! Look for a pedicure spa with an original and unique design.

5 Tips for your first mother-daughter pedicure

When you treat your daughter to her first pedicure , you want the experience to be filled with fun, not a recipe for disaster. To make certain your little girl’s first nail spa experience will shine as brightly as her pampered piggies, polish up on these five tips for your first mother-daughter pedicure.

5 Tips for your first mother-daughter pedicure

Find a kid-friendly nail salon

Not all nail salons and spas welcome youngsters with open arms. Be sure to call ahead and verify that the nail salon you’ve picked has experience with kiddies before booking your first mother-daughter pedicure.

Time it right

When pampering a youngster who still takes naps, cutting it too close to the time when she should be sailing off to dreamland may make for a cranky spa partner. Book your mother-daughter pedicure during the time of day she’s the cheeriest, whether that’s bright and early or just after her nap, so you can both get the most out of your bonding time.

Skip the tools

Kids often fear what they do not know, so your kiddo may not be keen on the idea of having a stranger use sharp, unfamiliar tools on her toes. “pedicure procedures like pushing cuticles back or applying scrubs to tender feet are not necessary for kids,” advises Jennifer Paige, owner of Plush Beauty Bar in West Hollywood. “At Plush Beauty Bar, we simply apply a quick-drying, non-toxic, water-based polish and if necessary, trim and shape the nail.”

Opt for kid-friendly products

When it comes to your child’s sensitive skin, choose kid-friendly nail products like Piggy Paint that are gentle on her tootsies. “Piggy Paint is specially formulated from God’s natural ingredients and dries to a hard, durable finish,” says Piggy Paint product manager Stacey Feagans. “There are no toxic chemicals; it’s free of formaldehyde, toluene, phthalates, Bisphenol A, ethyl acetate and acetone.”

Make sure she’s ready

You may be eager to get your sweet girl into the nail salon for her first mother-daughter bonding experience over pedicures, but make sure your princess is ready for such an adventure. “There is no definitive age for a child’s first trip to the nail salon,” explains Paige. “Different kids have different abilities to sit still, so it really depends on the child.”

Dr. Fran Walfish, child and family psychotherapist, author of The Self-Aware Parent, urges parents to wait until your youngster is old enough to appreciate the special treat. “I think tweens are ready for the experience of a first time pedicure on ‘special’ occasions. We sadly are raising an entitled generation with growing narcissistic traits. Let’s wait and allow kids to be kids.”

Ready to put these five tips for first mother-daughter pedicures into play but not sure she’ll sit through the whole process? Try a do-it-yourself pamper and polish at home first. You may have to postpone her first trip to the nail spa, but you’ll be building memories that are just as fun!

Quality affordable pedicure chairs

Quality Affordable Pedicure Chairs

When in the market for a new affordable pedicure chairs you have to weigh your pros and cons. There are so many different manufacturers to choose from so it can be difficult. Usually comfort and reliability is what is most important, however those 2 factors often take a back seat to cost.  Luckily, Spa Salon US has over 800 pedicure chairs to choose from.

Some of the most popular and affordable pedicure chairs can be found in our LC collection. LC has been in business for over 20 years so they are no stranger to quality. They recently debuted new chairs which means they are always up to date when it comes to style and you will most likely always have parts available should your chair need to be serviced.

Another option would be to get a non-plumbing pedicure chair. That will save you money not only on the cost of your pedicure chair but it will also save you money on utility bills. If you are in the market for a zero plumbing pedicure chair, depending on which chair you choose you may be able to plumb the chair later when you decide to expand your business. That way you will be saving money now and in the future.

Those are just a couple of options you have especially when you have over 800 pedicure chairs to choose from. Always keep in mind that affordable does not mean cheap and it is always better to buy a brand new pedicure chair verses getting a used pedicure chair. Most times in that case, affordable is not always good. It is always best to spend an extra couple hundred dollars and purchase an affordable brand new pedicure chair that way you have a peace of mind when it comes to reliability.

NEW VS USED Pedicure Chairs

NEW VS USED Pedicure Chairs

Almost all items can be purchased used, houses, cars, clothes, shoes, pedicure chairs etc.  The ultimate question is which item is worth being purchased used verses which item is better being purchased new?  Items like clothes and shoes you can tell the value of the item just by looking at it, this is the same with houses as well.  Pedicure chairs however are best when purchased new.  It is an investment that will save and make you money in the long run.  Used pedicure chairs have their pros as well so you can decide which option is best for you.

Used pedicure chairs almost always seems like the best option for a startup business.  They are cheap and if you find the perfect one you may have hit the jackpot, those are the pros.  There are some things you have to look out for when purchasing a used pedicure chairs as well.

  1. Has the chair been well maintained?
    Unless you are getting used pedicure chairs in great shape form someone you know, there is no way you tell if the chairs have been properly maintained and taken care of.  There are several steps required when it comes to properly cleaning and sanitizing a pedicure chair bowl or tub.  You do not want to purchase something that may give your clients an infection and you a law suit.
  1. Is the chair discontinued?
    This may not seem like a big deal, right?  Until it’s time for you to purchase parts for your pedicure chair.  If a chair is discontinued that means that you may not be able to find the parts for that particular chair. For example, if you need a new remote control for your chair because your massage feature is no longer working.  You may not be able to find a replacement remote control for that chair which means that you may have to buy a pedicure chair seat.  Pedicure chair seats range anywhere from $600- $1,200.  The good news is most pedicure chair seats are universal and may be able to work for the base of your pedicure chair and it will give you salon a new look.
  1. Does the chair have everything you need?
    Every city has special specifications that change over the years when it comes to certain parts on a pedicure chair.  Even if you are purchasing near to knew pedicure chairs that were purchased only 6 months ago, something may have changed and you might need a backflow preventer included in you plumbing to decrease the chances of infection.  You can also run into not having everything you need in order for you pedicure chair to function properly, like a discharge pump.  If your plumbing is not gravity flow the discharge pump is required to pull the water out of the pedicure tub.  These may be minor issues that will cost you up to $300 if you can find the parts for the chair that you have.

When purchasing a new pedicure chair, it’s simple.  Everything is new, when purchasing with Spa Salon US it is still being manufactured so you don’t have to worry about not being able to find parts for your chair or any other item that you get with us.  You will have a peace of mind knowing that you have a clean and reliable piece of equipment that both you and your clients can enjoy.

The option is yours. Is the new or used pedicure chair right for you?

Tips for Starting a Beauty Salon, from the “Hair Queen”

Tips for Starting a Beauty Salon

The “Hair Queen” herself, Suzanne Van Houten, has been in the beauty industry for over 30 years, and has worked as a colorist and stylist during that time. She has also owned her own salon for at least 15 years, so she is pretty knowledgeable on the subject. One of the products she likes to use are these affordable shampoo back wash.

Van Houten is interested in helping share her expert knowledge about the beauty field to those thinking about starting their own salons. She always applauds stylists and technicians who are interested in owning their own business, “Congratulations on having that dream!” But then, she gets down to business and asks questions that really probe the person’s suitability for business ownership.

Just because a stylist can stand behind the chair and be booked solid throughout the day doesn’t mean that they have what it takes to successfully operate the whole salon. Van Houten says that it’s an entirely different set of skills that need to be mastered.

A person also needs to have passion for the business, and the ability to stick with something until they succeed. A person who “can’t put it down, can’t get it out of their head” and is “willing to be a little humble” is bound to succeed, according to Van Houten.

Advice for Striking Out on Your Own

Van Houten usually recommends having at least 5 years of experience under your belt working in the industry, and have a full book of clients before thinking about starting in business for yourself. “You need to have enough income to cover the nut by yourself — whether you have one employee or 10”, she says.

When beginning a new salon, be prepared to have a huge increase in workload. “You go from being a creative person with 2 or 3 hats at most to being a salon owner with 5 or 6 hats,” Van Houten says.

The owner will also need to “draw a line in the sand” and set the rules about the salons environment and culture, starting from the first day. “The pace of the leader is the pace of the pack.” Employees will look to the owner or leader in times of crisis, for solutions or answers. “It really hurts when you have to look at yourself and say, ‘I want them to be on time, but I’m not on time.’”

You must also be ready when your best employees or contractors decide to do the same thing you did, and open up their own shop when they feel it is time. “You’ve got to keep a river running of talent,” says Van Houten. She also mentions that human resources can be the hardest job for new business owners.

She also adds that this is a skill worth learning: “You’ve got to be an educator. You’ve got to train your crew and motivate them.” The reward for those who do is a business with beauty at its heart. For more products for your salon: Please check out these large selection of: whole sale price hair stations  and so many other products like: dryer, steamer, shampoo chairs etc…

The benefits of getting natural/organic products

The benefits of getting natural

The use of natural and organic products has become increasingly popular over the past five years; from household cleaning products to cosmetics. Not only are they better for the environment but also much better for you and your client’s health. As consumers continue to educate themselves on the benefits of buying and using natural products they are looking for similar products when they enter their neighboring Spa &Salon . In order to remain competitive and stay in tune with your client’s demand the conversion will eventually have to take place. You can always start off slowly (ex. Sugar/Salt scrubs & lotions), the beauty is these scrubs are easy to make, can be bought locally, or can be purchased in large quantities just like any other spa salon supplies. Besides having great organic products for your spa/salon, we also recommend as a salon owners to have great quality, comfortable and affordable spa pedicure chairs.

In addition, the use of citrus fruits (lemon, orange, and grapefruit) not only has a lovely aroma; however, it is found to be very refreshing, rejuvenates the skin, detoxes the body, and relaxes the mind. The use of these fruits in lotions and scrubs are enjoyed by customers. We also recommend that you add a hint of mint or thyme to create an even more refreshing and stimulating experience.

In conclusion, the use of organic products is the best option for your overall body. It is natural, no chemicals are added and for sure we will give you the results that you are looking for.

Six Methods to Successfully Market your Spa or Salon

Six Methods to Successfully Market your Spa or Salon

Are you looking to increase your visibility in the marketplace? Traditional spas and salons are still around, but today there are many other options that the owner can choose in order to jazz up their shop! The definition has broadened for beauty and health today, and isn’t defined by traditional beauty salons anymore; it’s pretty obvious that the industry has branched out to encompass other areas! Think in terms of spas and fitness centers… Since these transitions are popular today, why stick to the old business methods? In order to move mainstream, you have to embrace the tech-savvy world and focus on where the people are.  They are more apt to be pursuing the internet and websites than they are looking at pamphlets and newspapers.

  1. Salon-marketing: You will find people blogging about every event in their lives, and sharing their universe with each other. To better take advantage of this trend today, you need to understand people’s dreams and desires. And it’s actually pretty easy! Just get set up with an account on Twitter and Facebook, and your career can take an incredible turn !This is a handy guide to maintain your networking presence; to allow your creative juices to flow and to sow good seeds!
  2. Salon-marketing: Find or Create Good Content “Much like great products; for instance, these affordable pedicure chairs : great content will only find the best people to love it if it’s leveraged well.” – Shannon Paul Always check your work to make sure you are only putting out the best content. You may not be a storyteller, but everyone has real life experiences they can share with their readers, professional or not. Let people know how you started your salon, how long it’s been open, and how it expanded to the current state. Introduce your staff and what they specialize in, and then try to explain the inner-workings of a spa or salon. Try to spread awareness about spa treatments and how people can benefit from them. Be giving and share valuable content for free. People will be receptive to this approach, and will naturally join you if they find your writing note-worthy. Adding well-detailed descriptions about the industry will brand you as the resident expert
  3. Salon-marketing: Enrich Your Website with a Blog: One of the great things about blogging is the sharing aspect, which leads to connection and bonding. If you want to form a bond with your followers, this is one of the best ways. Blogs show the kind of person and professional you are, and you will also gain expert status when more people start to comment on your articles.  Mack Collier rightly points out, “If there’s a firestorm erupting via blogs, your customers will expect you to respond via those same blogs, not via a carefully-worded press release 4 days later.” The basic message from that is not that you should always be putting out fires, but that you should learn to be more regular and consistent in your blogposts and comments. It’s a great idea to establish a separate company blog attached to your website, but if not you can always post on your personal blog to help establish your brand. In addition, if you have a regular blog site, always be sure to post a link for the RSS on your fan page.
  4. Remember to Tweet! : Twitter is a very useful social media tool when it comes to business. It will let you promote links and announcements without sounding too pushy! Facebook-salon-marketing2On the other hand, Facebook is more of a dialogue generating tool. The purpose of FB is meant as a way to mingle and mix with other friends, family, or customers with a sense of community. That is why they work great in connection with each other! You can also always pair up your Facebook and Twitter accounts if you would like and update them together. This will allow you to keep both the announcements and dialogue together!
  5. Try to widen your Net: Start blogging outside your sphere of influence, and try to expand to other groups and interests! Check into online directories, both local and non-local. Freely share tips and information with them and get promoted as an industry expert and gain outside exposure. Make sure to place your Twitter and Facebook URLs in the online directories, as this is a great tactic to introduce customers to your page. As Matt Rhod puts it   “As a general principle, the more users share about themselves, the more others in the community will learn about them and identify with them.” This seems to be very sound advice in the business of marketing.
  6. Try to Use More comments from Brand ambassadors .We don’t mean forking over tons of money to bring in celebrities for endorsements here… There are plenty of local people who may have used your product in the past and liked it so much that they are willing to endorse it for free.  Some you may have to pay a small amount, but it can definitely benefit your salon or spa in the end. Potential customers would like to see a down-to-home approach instead of something that is clearly made-up. Think about posting some great quotes or comments from satisfied clients, and in addition, videos also make awesome social proof intros, where you can share great views by customers on your salon. When it comes to social media, your ROI all depends on your followers, so make sure that they get the absolute best you can offer!

Are you Transparent Enough? Make sure you don’t leave out your negatives, even though you don’t want to emphasize them. Welcome the criticism as a way to generate feedback on what areas you need to improve in, and what areas you are excelling in. Getting this real time feedback is the best way to understand your flaws and what you need to do to correct them. Understanding is the first key, and then you should take action once you know what to do. According to David Cooper, “You as a brand have to be completely confident about your position, because you will get criticism. You will have a negative reaction. If you didn’t get a negative reaction, that means you’re standing neutral and you have no point of view. Who wants to participate in that?”. For more products for your salon, please choose from this large selection of whole sale salon equipment.