Nail Care Tips

  • Moisturize your hands: Keep them looking soft and supple at all points of time. You can also use coconut oil for it! The perfect nails need perfectly smooth fingers too. Always carry a hand cream with you.
  • Don’t forget the base coat: Always use the base coat for your fashion nails. They will last longer and make your pretty nails look shinier.
  • Go for UV manicures and pedicures. They can last 15 days without a blemish. And when your nails outgrow the color you can just coat them with your regular same color nail paint at home. Such a perfect solution for permanent, perfect nails.
  • Give your nails some air and let them free: Do not let them be coated all the time with those harsh chemical nail paints. Instead, remove the nail paint with moisturizing nail paint remover to avoid any discoloration.
  • Be gentle: Use soft hand washes instead of those hospital grade hand wash you use. They have the same ingredients and will not weaken the nail extensions.
  • Ask your nail technician: Every hand is different. Consult your nail expert next time you go for your regular manicure and pedicure.
  • Keep your hands and feet clean and dirt free. Live in a dusty area keep a stack of cotton socks and wear them throughout the day. Your manicures and pedicures will last longer.

These are a few hacks that every lazy girl swears by. Follow them and never go without the compliments. Stick to simpler methods, styles, colors and designs. It always lasts longer. No one can go for the French manicure every weekend, isn’t it? Just relax, take it easy, follow these tips and hacks and don’t forget coconut oil. Also, you need your beauty sleep. It will let you feel beautiful and rejuvenated the entire day.

Easy Tips for a Great Pedicure

Keep it simple! If all transactions on the device can be marked and one-of-a-kind paint jobs, keep the pedicure simple. A color for all two checked entries, but not matching matches, is the most optional.

Keep in mind what you do wearing the next few weeks. If the new April date will continue and you know you may be having a lot of small things, it is not possible to place color links in your days.

The Metallic colors rule this year. In my favorite local shop, I found sparkly gold, silver & bronze polish. Đã thể đồng thời với bạn và nó đã là gorgeous and matched everything! Only the skipped user has it has a lot of Nail polish needs to remove it is not available with color time, but it has been determined it because of any application.

You cannot create the necessary goods to retain Feet moisturized and your pedicure looking fresh. Any oil will work. For best results, put oil or thick generic lotion on your feet at night and cover with socks. Your feet will look the next soft day silky. My podiatrist recommends Eucerin Original Healing Creme but the generic brand works just as well.

Cuticle oil, if used daily, also keeps you to look and fingers looking freshly polished. My favorite is Essie Apricot. I love that stuff!

Polka dot on your pedicure is a must-try at least once. You can currently have no time, and Feminine, not too girly EVERYONE can wear polka dots. Now go get your feet done!

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Is it The Right Time to Purchase a Pedicure Chair

Your Business

Your first priority are your business information, has been effect of no footer. You must be a beauty salon but you want to provide wide range spa benefits? Does your client request pedicure treatment? If yes, your business will be interested in  pedicure chairs. You can assess this by conducting a survey. Please ask your customer customer see them you want to add pedicure to your service list. If they do, you know that pedicure is an option option for you and you should use it in your business. However, if most most your customer cannot get positive, you don’t need to install.

Take a Look at your Finances

According to your budget, you can buy the new or used pedicure chairs. We would always suggest new ones because used chairs don’t offer as much value for money. They wouldn’t last for very long while new chairs usually come with a ten year warranty and the latest technology. For example, modern chairs offer shiatsu massages instead of just vibration massages.

It’s a good idea to stretch you budget a little bit instead of buying a low quality product for your spa. After all, the spa business runs on reputation. If your chairs are old and look unkempt, your customers would be reluctant to come in for pedicures. It’s a good idea to talk to an expert about how you can buy chairs that would fit into your budget and still look great in your salon.


The first thing you need to consider is if you have enough space for your new pedicure chairs. Spa can be busy at times, with a customer customer and switchers. That’s why you need to have space for everyone to move freely from one place to other. Without smooth flow of movement in your salon, the possibility of accidents rises.

Before buying new chairs, you have to see how large space that you have. If you really want new chairs, you have to think about if you need to redesign your space or not. That will be add your additional cost, but it will also a new customers.

Do our research

Once you’ve decided that you need spa chairs, it’s time to do some research. There are several companies that manufacture them, and choosing the right one amongst them can be a little difficult. There are some companies that don’t just offer good quality products, but also great customer service. Customer service is important as pedicure chairs are connected to your income. If they stop working, you lose revenue. You need great customer service to fix the problem quickly.

These companies can help.

See more companies on

They provide a wide range kinds of pedicure chair that can fit different budgets . You should do some research on what kind you want. You can read the reviews, browse the website, and even askyour fellow spa owners for their opinions. That would ensure that you make the right decision. It’s also a good idea to consider the warranty provided by these companies.

You can also see how these chairs perform by visiting booking a pedicure appointment at a spa that has one. All of this would help you decide whether buying one is a good decision for you.

James Adcock

Choosing a Nail Technician

It is very important that when you go to the nail salon, you will choose the right technician and work with them to maintain the safety and achieve the desired results. By choosing the right nail technician you avoid the risk of a safety hazard and may focus on enjoying the level of service you desire. To choose the right nail technician … follow the friendly and open person and be ready to discuss any concerns with you.

Your Nail Salon

Going to a salon should always be a relaxing experience, but sometimes it is difficult to relax thinking about the risk of infection and not getting the services you want. To avoid this worry, give the salon a trial visit. Walk like walking and watching. Order a nail and see what the technicians do for you. Ask the technician questions you are having for days. Make sure to inquire about cleaning methods, a single use of nail care products, gloves and chemicals. If they fit, they will be friendly and willing to address any of your concerns about salon and salon services.

Before even getting your service, pay attention to the general condition of the salon and their sanitation procedures for each customer. Do a quick glance to see that the area is clean. If the work area is dirty, you can be sure that the rest of the salon is not cared for carefully and you can leave now. If the salon passes this simple test, ask the nail technician how the instruments are sterilized. There are two different methods that are acceptable for cleaning tools. Sterilize by pressure and steam with autoclave, or pasteurize with liquid disinfectant and a bactericide in hospital such as Barbicide. Ask the nail technician what tools are the only uses and see to see that she is taking the stuff out of the new packaging too, just because the tools used alone do not mean that the tool is used alone. Nail art only uses them once.

Your nail technician

Your nail technician should always wear gloves and change them after each customer. If you do not see this happening, you may immediately want to go with a different salon. Their lack of interest in these details is a good indication that there may be other sanitary issues in the store. Also, to be safe for yourself, please ask and make sure that the salon does not use any methyl methacrylate (MMA), it is no longer recommended in nail care due to safety issues. After all these safety standards are very good, but combined with poor service, nail technicians are still not a good choice.

Now that you are sure that your nail technician is operating according to the proper hygiene standards, you can consider the level of service provided. Some things that would be useful to think about before revisiting are the services provided at a price that is payable, an explanation of any home care, if the technician is licensed and how Conflict resolution. You will want to make sure that you are getting your valuable money for the price that you are paying for the technician. Some salons will include repairing broken nails, fast growing hairs and nails quickly in the price of their packages, while others will cost them individually. If you have a good nail specialist, they will give you all the home advice you need for acrylics as well as any quick tips for your nail without damaging the work.

Professional services

Nail technicians who are ready to provide information will tell you whether they are investing in the service they are providing you. Also check around and make sure the technicians who have been working with you are properly licensed. Most salons show clear licenses because they are required to keep the business open, but there are some states that do not require licenses to be displayed. So do some inquiries around or research online to double check that they are licensed. Finally, you will want to make sure that the management at the aesthetic handles any conflicts quickly and in a professional manner. The only way to know this is when you or a co-worker encounters a problem while. But, if you keep your ears open, you will be sure to catch on the attitude of management towards the conflict.

If a beauty salon and nail salon all work on the same standards of cleanliness and professionalism, it is the salon you should support. That means they can trust to keep you from getting infected and keep your mind in mind.

Design Center – Remodelling Tips


Once a positive evaluation is made regarding the opportunity to proceed with the salon remodeling, it is necessary to verify some preliminary matters:

  • Reallocation of space: If the currently used space is insufficient to the new salons’ needs, you will have to consider the possibility of acquiring adjacent spaces or moving into a totally new, larger space. Please keep in mind that it is important that the area chosen meets your customer target requirements.
  • Legal aspects: License regulations and respect for relevant building codes and security laws have to be verified before you can proceed with any remodeling.
  • Structural elements: The possibility of moving walls must be considered. Alterations of existing hydraulic connections or the construction of new ones may also be necessary. Lastly, changes in electrical and lighting systems will have to be evaluated.
  • Intervention management: If you plan to continue offering services during remodeling operations, it is important to guarantee an alternative, sufficient level of service to the clients either through partial remodeling, or temporary movement of operations, moving to adjacent premises.

Shop Window

  1. The shop-window plays a fundamental role in the success of the beauty salon because it is the primary element to communicate the shop’s image and attract new customers. We therefore suggest heavy investment in this building element. To ensure a proper salon image, make sure to tailor a design aimed at emphasizing your salon name and logo.
  2. The use of large posters and videos displayed on television screens in the shop-window tends to generate interest.
  3. With regard to placing specific beauty products in the window, be sure of the brands you choose. If you consider using this space to display beauty products in a way that allows people to see them from the street, be careful not to damage your salon image with substandard or outmoded products.

Salon Reception Area

  1. It should usually be placed in front of the entrance. It is a very important area because here the clients form their first impression of the salon. Make sure it is welcoming and realized with the proper aesthetic qualities.
  2. We suggest placing the reception desk with the front facing towards the entrance so that the client cannot see the inside of it. Possibly consider keeping the desk away from waiting area in order to protect the clients’ privacy.
  3. If you decide to set a PC on the desk, make sure there is space enough. Consider the opportunity to use flat LCD monitors that have a cleaner design and allow for more space on the desk.
  4. It is possible to set display-cases for selling beauty products behind the reception desk.

Waiting Area

  1. The number of pedicure customer seats in the waiting area obviously depends on the number of styling units, even if it is not possible to determine a fixed relation. For example, if you only work with a booking system, this area can be even smaller than you might think. If the wait is supposed to be short, it may sometimes be preferable to foresee one or two extra styling units that would accommodate the customers immediately,. We strongly suggest giving the waiting area an image function, but investing more on the salon function rather than on the waiting issue itself, which is in fact not exactly lucrative.
  2. About ¼ of a salon profits should come from selling products. Make sure to give proper space and visibility to products though display- and show-cases.
  3. Products should be placed so that clients can see and touch them.
  4. Keep in mind that placing videos towards the entrance and the shop-window tends to generate interest and attract almost immediate attention.
  5. We suggest providing an area for a cloak-room, possibly closed and complete with safe deposit boxes to give clients more security and privacy for their valuables.

Washing Area

  1. The washing area represents a strategic area for the salon because it is the first service offered to the client and it is the point where clients are redirected towards different stations. Furthermore, one must consider that the washing implies a very close, physical, one could say intimate relation with clients. For this reason, a client could easily feel uncomfortable if maximum comfort is not guaranteed.
  2. The washing area should be placed in a very accessible position to facilitate clients and stylists movements.
  3. You should control all possible plumbing connections.
  4. The number of washing units should be at least 1/3 of the total styling units, including those in the chemical area.
  5. Besides client comfort, make sure that the stylists can easily work and have all equipment, tools and products within their reach.
  6. Consider with particular attention the construction materials. Metal parts tend to rust even if protected with special paintings or dressing, while plastics and ceramics are unalterable overtime.
  7. Consider that the bowl in any given washing unit may be used 70 times, more frequently than a kitchen wash-basin. Make sure it is made of quality materials.
  8. Preferably store products in closed cabinets or on hidden shelves in order to avoid confusion and provide a sense of better cleanliness.
  9. We suggest not utilizing rubber protection on the bowl for the nape of the neck because it is extremely unhygienic. A well designed and manufactured bowl does not need any plastic addition in order to be comfortable.
  10. An advantage would be to have a separate room with a service cabinet and wash-basin to prepare chemical treatments without being in open view of clients. This avoids undesired smells from entering the salon.

Wellness Area

  1. Inside the beauty salon for the most demanding clientele a reserved wellness washing and relaxing area may be beneficial. This area could be developed with an oriental-style, complete with full lying position washing units, equipped with electronic back vibration massage.
  2. Inside this area it is highly recommended that you offer some sort of relaxing or meditation music, with chromotherapy and aromatherapy.

Chemical/Technical Area

  1. Consider a proper space for the technical and chemical area given that demand for coloration and specific treatments has grown consistently over the past years.
  2. We suggest separating this area from the main service area in the salon so that it is not visible either from the entrance or from the waiting area, affording the guarantee of better privacy.
  3. Make sure to have proper ventilation to eliminate fumes and smells.

Styling Area

  1. Install wall styling units at least 200 cm. high and central styling units significantly lower, preferably with sloping mirrors to give a better sense of space and roominess in the salon.
  2. The styling units should be equipped with sockets, phone and curling holders in accessible position, and shelves where hair care products may be placed within easy reach. c) Preferably use cabinets with doors and back shelves to give a tidier and cleaner look.

Drying Area

  1. Make sure that the hood dryer’s seating is placed in a comfortable and relaxing area.
  2. Remember to make available the latest magazines and possibly earphones for listening to music.
  3. For the most refined clients a library with the best authors can be provided.

Salon Lighting

  1. Lighting is very important both for salon image and for optimizing the stylist’s working environment. We suggest using a basic diffused indirect light to create a uniform atmosphere within the whole salon.
  2. For the reception and waiting areas it is possible to use more soft and suffused lighting.
  3. For the cutting area we suggest the use of a light which is most akin to natural sunlight by adding specific direct lights to the basic lighting. If necessary, a soft frontal lighting can be use to offset the vertical lights to avoid shadows on clients’ face.
  1. For the washing area the use of supplementary vertical lighting directed toward the spa salon capinet bowls would be recommended.

For the wellness area, the use of chrometherapy lamps that reflect relaxing and colorful light on a panel located on the ceiling is highly recommended.

Necessary Nail Salon Supplies


Nail beauty salons have really ended up being progressively preferred over the third countless years. Competitors is difficult, so having the “optimal points” might really repay by drawing in new customers and maintaining them. Right here are 5 items that might keep your beauty spa salon in advance of the crowd.

Likewise while hesitating, the chairs have to be comfy to make the delay a lot less of a swelling, as well as much more like the start of a good time.
All Elements Sensual-Let’s confess, manicures and pedicures relate to the tactile-how elements feel. So remarkable moisturizers, aromatic and/or heated lotions and creams applied delicately could create amazing experiences.

Sanitary Equipment-Ultra violet light bulbs, antibacterial treatments, in addition to germ-killing cleaning agents for chairs, tables, in addition to pedicure stations allow consumers recognize that they will certainly not quit tidiness by seeing your beauty salon. Sanitizing devices as well as supplying appropriate disposal of tools that can not be recycled should refer routine for each manicurist.

Range of Nails and Polishes-Having a variety of gloss in addition to nails will definitely do significantly to develop “buzz” regarding your shop. Attractive nails will absolutely do significantly of the advertising for you likewise without your consumer recognizing it. Having your nails look lovely adequate to make others ask where they were done will not merely aid you make a repeat customer, however will certainly send lots of brand-new clients your approach.

Nail Salon Air Purifier-Unfortunately, many of the items made use of in nail beauty salon produced chemical fumes as well as scents that odor exceptionally unfavorable when getting in the store. These fumes are not simply unwanted, however are harmful when taken in for long period of times of time.

Washing up the air in your supplier by often stressing the chemical scents as well as fumes is an extra means to position your hair salon in advance of the remainder of the nail beauty parlors in your community. It is additionally a great technique to employ gifted manicurists.

In order to be effective in a nail hair salon, an air facial cleanser should handle to soak up chemicals with a carbon based filter with an additive that works at getting rid of these fumes. It additionally should utilize a HEPA (or high efficiency fragment nailing) filter that can eliminate slim bits made by filing as well as also Polishes-Having a range of gloss as well as nails will absolutely do much to develop “buzz” regarding your establishment. Appealing nails will definitely do considerably of the advertising and marketing for you additionally without your consumer recognizing it. Having your nails look lovely sufficient to make others ask where they were done will certainly not simply help you make a repeat customer, nevertheless will send out lots of brand-new customers your technique.

Why should any salon owner consider buying a Pedicure Station?

Why should any salon ownerThe most important equipment a salon owner has inside his salon is the Pedicure chair units: Having a spacious area for these chairs is important. As a salon owner, your responsibility and duty is to satisfy the wants and needs of your clients, which is the key to increase your revenue because they will keep on coming back. No one wants to feel squeezed or sit too close to a stranger. So therefore, having a Pedicure Station at your salon/spa show how much you care about your customers’ private space and comfort.

So here are some facts about having a pedicure station.

It provides privacy and more space for the clients. We offer an affordable pedicure station that two best friends or mother and daughter can use and enjoy themselves while getting pampered. It is for any customers who want to enjoy their space with a friend, or a family member, etc.

Another important factor is that it is advantageous for the technician/s who is doing the grooming. For instance, important instruments are required for the grooming activity, like nail polish, nail files, polish remover, scissors, lotion, nail hardener, and cuticle softener etc. Having them within reach will alleviate the job of the professional.

As far as  for people who like to stay home and  do their pedicure themselves : having the pedicure station prevents the user to get up from her/his set position when in the process of giving her/himself a pedicure in order to obtain another required item. This is because when nail polish is  being applied on the toes, user cannot place his or her feet inside the shoes resulting in the smudging of the polish and the polish rubs on the fitted carpet, furnishings and other area of the house where the user puts his/her foot on.

In addition, it will also appease the aching feet of the customer at the same time. The Pedicure station provides an apparatus for supporting a person’s foot during the procedure of pedicure. The development of the pedicure station is used as a hold up or rest on which the foot of the user is placed in a position that is favorable and stable while performing the pedicure.

Furthermore, the pedicure station provides a convenient place to store instruments where items are needed for pedicure. In addition, the device is handy and provides a convenient way for transporting pedicure-related items. Therefore, Pedicure stations are an entity of the invention to provide equipment for positioning the foot of a person getting a pedicure, which also provides a workspace for storing instruments and supplies required for performing pedicures. We recommend this whole set that most salon owners prefer to purchase. The lower cost pedicure station.

In conclusion, pedicure stations provide a hold up on which pedicure related items can be located as well as easily accessed by the user or the technician while performing a pedicure. There a two types of pedicure stations – a normal rolling cart that the manicurist sits on, with a bar in the front your feet relax on, or a large chair with a sink at the feet. Generally, the latter style is reserved for higher end salons and spas, and is often called a pedicure chair.