Manicure tables can add good service to your customers


Glass top nail table with draft fan

Manicure tables can add good service to your customers. In addition allows you to do a good job and perfect, this will make the clients get new experience yet comfortable feeling
. Having a manicure table that can accommodate the wishes of salon owners and customers will bring a significant difference to the beauty business that you live. Manicure tables have a wide variety of types, sizes, shapes, and colors. You will definitely feel confusion when selecting it for the first time. There are several criteria for selecting a good manicure table for your salon and spa.


When visitors first came to your salon, the first thing that caught their attention was the interior. It will be a visual appeal so that you need to arrange the salon and spa furniture and appliances as well as possible. You can arrange with a particular theme or color scheme. Therefore, before choosing a manicure table, you should have several choices of colors and shapes that fit if placed in your salon room. Choose a table that would combine well with the theme and the decoration of the salon.


Utility value should also be taken into consideration when you buy Manicure tables. Manicure tables should have a seat height that suits you provide at the salon. Choose a table with dimensions sufficient to ease your work and enable consumers to rest. Make sure you buy a manicure table that able to accommodate all the tools you need. Make sure there are a few drawers so you can directly store the appliance after use and cleaning. If you have a manicure tool that requires electrical power, note the placement of the table. Make sure the Manicure tables close to a power source or have its own line to stay connected to a power source.


Budget is an important thing you should consider. If you have extra money, you can buy a new manicure table and still in good condition. However, if you do not have enough budgets you can still work around. You can visit some salon or spa that is bankrupt or closed and will move to other places. They will usually sell some of their stuff. Make sure you choose the secondhand manicure table that is still in good condition. You can visit some online makeup store that will give discounts or rebates shipping costs. This will be the right choice. If you have considered these three things well then you can have a good Manicure tables.


What really drives the spa industry ?

What Really Drives the Spa Industry

Some spa-goers will do just about anything to achieve healthy and radiant skin. In fact, it is shocking to see the lengths they will go and the prices they will pay for the sake looking younger. You have only to look at a few of the seemingly crazy facials turning up on treatment menus to wonder if it is all just part of some marketing ploy. However, you can also save money by doing it yourself: we recommend for both spa owners and customers the  facial steamer at whole sale price, which  softens, re-hydrates, and rejuvenates the outer layers of the skin .Stimulating the skin blood circulation. This facial steamer allows the skin to look refreshed.

In addition, as we exhibited in hair and beauty shows, besides taking care of their skin. The spa-goers love using massage table/facial bed. we realized that most salons were trying to give a massage on the narrow using the FB806 facial bed: This facial bed has thick foam footrest, seat and backrest cushions. Its lightweight design provides all the comforts of a large bed but also provide complete flexibility. It features a face cut-out pillow and fully removable armrest. The back of the chair is adjustable upward for customer comfort, and the footrest is adjustable downward. This is ideal for facials, skin care, massage etc… In 1992, this led to the development of the first multi-purpose, four-panel table. This combination massage/facial table was well-received by end-users and the competition.  Today, American-made, four-panel, multiuse tables are the industry standard, offered by most of the U.S. table manufacturers.

The growth of the spa industry is also affecting other business. For instance, large hotel chains are undertaking major renovations to update their spas, to meet the needs of their customers. These additions include Vichy showers; steam, sauna, and multipurpose rooms for massage and facials. Many hotels are adding spas for the first time, like for example; when a fine hotel such as Hilton does a complete remodel and adds a 30,000 square-foot spa; the Marriott across the street will have to do the same to keep up. By the way, this is great for the whole economy – from design and construction, to equipment, products, and jobs for spa professionals.

Besides from using facial steamer and massage table/facial bed. The most revolutionary development in the spa industry is the arrival of credible therapeutic massage. It helped the spa industry grows into the $10 billion industry it is today .Both business owners and customers are interesting in having a massage chair. For instance, the affordable Comfort Massage Chair System found at whole sale price is considered the ultimate massage chair .It relaxes you from your head to your toes… including fingertips. Using the best components, the Dream Chair provides multiple massage sessions, relaxing every part of your body and providing you with a truly unique wellness experience.

In conclusion, there is no right or wrong choices when it comes to the spa. Whichever product or system you choose to use. Benefits will arise: either you choose to have a facial at home or at the spa or a massage etc.. These services are growing among consumers and will never stop. Solely because people love to feel good and get pampered. And the Spa is the best place to go and relax and rejuvenate not only your skin but also your spirit and makes you feel good. If you asked us, it is a great industry to invest in.

Hot Stone Massage

There are many variations of massages and techniques used. Hot stone massage has been one of the more popular services requested due to the elements of using heated stones. This type of massage can be more expensive than others, but it may be worth it.

Careful thought and consideration have gone into what type of stones would be best for this massage that will provide the greatest effect. The Basalt stone, which is a black volcanic rock that is smooth to the touch has been the preferred stone due to its ability to hold heat at longer periods of time. The smooth texture is naturally formed by the flowing river water.

50 professional stones

These stones come in different sizes, and each size is used and placed strategically on different areas of the body such as between the toes, down the spine, or on the calf muscles. Having heated stones placed on certain areas of tense muscles allows the massage therapist to penetrate the tissue deeper to help relieve the aches and pains. In addition to relieving pain, hot stone massage improves circulation, calms the nervous system, and assists with relieving pain from arthritis.

Although receiving this massage is mostly beneficial, there are some people who shouldn’t participate:

  • Pregnant women
  • Diabetics
  • Recently sunburned
  • Those taking blood thinners
  • Those with high blood pressure

At you can find these stones as well as proper equipment to pre-heat before use and store them after use.

Base Coat vs Top Coat

There is a difference between nail polish base coat and top coat. The base coat is like a primer ready to receive a layer of paint. Its ingredients are made to help the polish adhere to the nail. Some base coats have ridge fillers added for providing a smoother application. You may notice they can be both clear or milky in color. This is because different types also provides nourishment to the nail. With the different pigments used in polishes, the base coats helps to keep the nail from being stained.

Beyond Adhesive Basecoat


The top coat plays a different role. It creates a protective barrier on the polish to keep it from chipping. It provides that high gloss shine which helps the polish last longer. Some people choose not to use a colored nail polish, but instead, the top coat only in order to achieve a natural high shine. If you tend to mess up your freshly painted nails while wet, try finding a top coat that has quick drying features. This will help the colored nail polish dry and harden faster.

OPI Top coat

Dura Jet vs Magna Jet

Dura Jets are generally the standard jet system that’s provided with most pedicure spa tubs.  It is ideal for the everyday Spa & Salon use. This jet system is pipeless which means it’s more sanitary, and bacteria free, it is also very easy to install and clean.  It provides the right amount of massage pressure and jets to allow your customers a relaxing experience.

Dura Jet vs Magna Jet

Magna Jets are enhanced Dura Jets that are magnetic and removable. They have all of the features and benefits of the Dura Jet, the only difference is they are used when liners are placed in pedicure spa tubs for easier cleaning and in some cases the use of liners are mandated by State regulations.  The use of Magna Jets allow your customers to get the full effect of the jet features while enjoying their pedicure at your Spa & Salon.  Without the Magna Jet if liners are used customers will not be able to feel the jets and it may cause a strain on your jet system.

Tips for Starting a Beauty Salon, from the “Hair Queen”

The “Hair Queen” herself, Suzanne Van Houten, has been in the beauty industry for over 30 years, and has worked as a colorist and stylist during that time. She has also owned her own salon for at least 15 years, so she is pretty knowledgeable on the subject.

Van Houten is interested in helping share her expert knowledge about the beauty field to those thinking about starting their own salons. She always applauds stylists and technicians who are interested in owning their own business, “Congratulations on having that dream!” But then, she gets down to business and asks questions that really probe the person’s suitability for business ownership.


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Design Your Own Beauty Salon from Scratch

Everyone know that beauty salons are designed to make women more beautiful, but they also need to have a great atmosphere and look good too. The first thing a new customer sees as they walk through the door is the look and feel of the place, and if you provide a welcoming environment it will go a long way in reassuring them. A beauty salon owner should always try to put the comfort and well-being of the customer in mind when designing the right spa for their clients.  Can they tell that you know the industry very well and adhere to professional standards simply by standing in the lobby? Try to view it as a new customer would, and soak in the colors, aromas, and decor. Spend a little extra time ensuring that you have a very attractive salon, and this will help you increase customer retention and maintain a profitable business.


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