Pipeless Pedicure Chair V.S Traditional Pedicure Chair: what you need to know?

Pipeless Pedicure Chair

Traditional Piped-in Pedicure Chairs: A Traditional pedicure chair relies on a network of pipes and forced water to create churning water, much like a whirlpool tub.  The piping can create residue build up, a breeding ground for bacteria, and they can be very difficult to clean.  Use of special cleaners and a constant meticulous maintenance schedule must be adhered to, to ensure complete sanitation of the unit.   State Boards require the disassembly of traditional (piped-in) chairs to ensure they are thoroughly cleaned. In this fast space life, who has time for these traditional Chairs? That is why we recommend the Pipe less Chairs

Pipeless Pedicure Chairs: A Pipeless system features a bowl with an integrated system that stirs or propels the water in the bowl itself.  The system consists of a propeller that moves the water within the tub to create the same jet feel of Traditional chairs.  A combination of a power drain and fresh piping system make these easier to clean.

Pipeless Pedicure Chair V.S. Traditional Pedicure Chair: Due to ever increasing health and sanitary concerns the Traditional Pedicure chairs have quickly become a thing of the past being replaced by the sleeker more efficient Pipeless Pedicure Chairs.  Customers and Salon Owners are enjoying the comforts offered by these new, cost efficient, improved spa pedicure chairs.