Satin Smooth Collagen Mask

Satin Smooth has a line of products that’s a convenient, easy to use at home facial. The Satin Smooth Ultimate Face Lift Mask is great for in between salon treatments. According to the manufacture, its safe for all skin types such as hyper-pigmentation, dehydrated skin, stressed skin, and reduces age and sun spots. This mask is inexpensive and painless compared to injections or surgery.

The process is quick and relaxing. Leave it on for 10-15 minutes giving time for the collagen and other ingredients to be absorbed into the skin. Next, remove the mask and massage in serum, being sure to not rinse. The collagen will assist in reducing wrinkles and sagging which is caused when fibers lose flexibility.

Under Eye Lift MasksMoisturizes under the eye

Under Eye Lift Masks

Lip Plump Masks – Creates the appearance of full lips

Lip Plump Masks


Eye Lift Masks – Relieves tired eyes

Eye Lift Masks


Neck Lift Masks – Soothing and refreshing

Neck Lift Masks