How to Properly Clean and Sterilize Manicure Tools

The standard tools used for manicures are nail files, nail clippers, cuticle nippers, buffers, and brushis. Whether you are doing your own manicure at home, or you work at a professional spa and salon, having clean tools is necessary to not spread bacteria.

Some people and places choose to clean and sanitize by hand using alcohol or bleach, some choose to disinfect by soaking in solution, while others choose to use machines to sterilize. At, we offer multiple machines to choose from. The most common sterilizing machines are

  1. Ultrasonic Sterilizer
  2. Single UV Sterilizer
  3. Autoclave Sterilizer

Each of these provide a more thorough cleaning of the utensils to help keep the spread of bacteria to a minimum. To use machines like these, it’s best to wash and scrub the tools with soap and water before placing into the machine. Allow tools to completely dry before placing into machine. Let machine run its cycle completely. Once done, be sure to store sterilized instruments in a cool dry place away from dirt and debris.

UltraSonic Sterilizer