Spa & Salon Maintenance

Maintenance of your Spa and Salon does not only involve furniture and equipment upgrades but regular cleaning and upkeep of your entire establishment. Starting with daily disinfecting of salon equipment, tools, and work spaces. Make sure that you are in compliance with your state’s sanitary and health regulations. Many professionals suggest viewing your salon from a customer’s stand point.  Sit in the customer’s chair, see what the customer sees and feels. This will give you a different perspective of your business, gives you a chance to see things that you may regularly miss. A great way to keep your Spa and Salon clean and your equipment sanitized is to create an employee checklist. Hopefully this will be a good guide for everyone to follow throughout the day and at the end of the day especially for those areas that can be easily overlooked.

Spa & Salon Maintenance

Don’t forget to conduct general maintenance in your Spa and Salon the same way that you would maintain your car and home. Have your plumbing checked by a licensed professional to ensure there are no leaks or blockages. Throughout the year you may have added new equipment, accessories, or tools and it’s always good to have a licensed electrician check the electrical to make sure there are no shortages, no excessive power being used on one side of the room vs the other, and getting professional help and reassurance that anything using electricity is well protected and grounded. If you own your own building maintenance of your entire building every few years is key (ex. a/c unit, windows, walls, ceiling, etc.). Maintain your equipment by having a licensed specialist if possible come out and checkout your dryers, work stations, and etc. Or review your user/owner manuals and see what maintenance suggestions are noted by the manufacturer.