Design Your Own Beauty Salon from Scratch

Everyone know that beauty salons are designed to make women more beautiful, but they also need to have a great atmosphere and look good too. The first thing a new customer sees as they walk through the door is the look and feel of the place, and if you provide a welcoming environment it will go a long way in reassuring them. A beauty salon owner should always try to put the comfort and well-being of the customer in mind when designing the right spa for their clients.  Can they tell that you know the industry very well and adhere to professional standards simply by standing in the lobby? Try to view it as a new customer would, and soak in the colors, aromas, and decor. Spend a little extra time ensuring that you have a very attractive salon, and this will help you increase customer retention and maintain a profitable business.


    1. What is the theme of your salon? Having a theme will give your clientele a sense of what the salon is about, and will leave them with a good, positive feeling about you and your services. If you are trying to think of some good examples of beauty salon themes, you can always go with the popular vacation spots, movie stars, dancers, or cowgirls. Try and match your décor to your theme, with paintings, pictures, or furnishings all around! For a movie start theme, maybe you could add some autographed pictures of classic stars, or movie music permeating the salon…How about vacation images flashed onto the wall every few seconds in order to give the customer an awesome visual picture of various exotic travel spots? 


    1. Figure out a color scheme of two or three colors, and keep the scheme all throughout your salon, interspersing the colors between décor, furnishings, and the walls. How about flowers? Does it make sense to your theme if you added flowers to your salon? Whether or not you use artificial flowers or real flowers in pots will depend on how much light comes into your shop and if you will remember to water them on a regular basis. Artificial flowers are usually a good investment, and try not to go overboard with fresh cut flowers since the business costs will definitely increase! 


    1. Draw a floor plan for your salon. Measure the length and width of the space and keep those dimensions in mind when coming up with your design. Locate the reception and waiting areas near the front, and place your salon chairs, mirrors, shampoo and hair drying equipment in other areas of the salon. Try and group up similar types of equipment together. Remember that your clients will probably spend a considerable amount of time sitting around, and also don’t forget to include extra chairs for friends or relatives that may be waiting on them but not needing your services that particular day.


    1. Remember your overall theme when purchasing furniture or items for you salon, and ensure your sofas or chairs match the color scheme you picked out. See how it all works together with the décor, wall color, positioning, and additional elements such as book stands or tea tables. 

Natural Spa

    1. A good option to help your clientele pass the time while waiting is to place televisions in strategic locations, showing programs or even movies interesting to your customer base. Large numbers of women would probably prefer Lifetime television, or the Oxygen Channel. Larger salons might even cater to individuals and offer headsets and private screens so that the customer can pick out what they want to watch. Or show multiple channels at the same time, but mute them out so as not to conflict. 


In order to generate even more revenue, think in terms of offering various other high-end products to your customer base such as perfume, handbags, conditioners, shampoos, and cosmetics. Strategically place these products in certain sections of your salon, especially near the waiting area, and this will increase visibility.  A nice display in the front window might also induce passersby to gawk and come into the salon for more information.