Nail care: here are some tips to consider

here are some tips to consider

Your nails may be small, but they play an important role, serving to help protect your fingers and improve their skills. They can also reveal clues to your joint health. Women spend hours painting and decorating them. Beauty salons offer all kinds of services to them. But keep your nails clean and healthy is a simple matter that is not costly. Sometimes, all it takes is a little common sense. Take a look at your fingernails. They are strong and healthy? You can see ridges, dents or areas of unusual color or shape? Many less than desirable nail conditions can be avoided through proper care, but some actually indicate an illness that needs attention .Many salon owners buy these affordable manicure products  to make sure that they have the best products and tools for the manicurist who will deliver a good job to their clients.

Keep your nails attractive and avoid unwanted problems such as fungal infection can make your nails ugly and deformed, here are some tips to consider.

Use your nails properly. Do not abuse them by using them to open, remove key, screwdriver or razor.

While watching TV, moisturize your hands and nails with your favorite lotion your hands. It is not only relaxing; however, it helps strengthen your nails

Do not bite them. Some people are nasty habit of biting their nails. This bad habit will not only ruins your nails but will damage them and put you at infection risk. If you are hungry, head for the closest deli and put your favorite dishes. You will be doing your nails a great privilege.

Keep your nails clean. You can have the look and the most expensive items. But if your nails are dirty, It will give people the wrong impression Dirty nails turned out and reflect your personality to ensure that they always look their best. Cut them and clean under the nails regularly. Using a pair of nail scissors and an emery board to smooth nail edges .It is also a good idea to have some cotton swabs handy, in case you get nail polish on your skin. The aim is to always stay clean and neat. You are given one body and we should take care of it the proper way.

Bulletproof” them. By this, I mean protect your nails from injury by wearing cotton lined rubber gloves when washing dishes or soaking in water for a long time. This will protect your nails from the drying effects of soap, water, and other harsh chemicals that your nails exposed .If you have weak nails that tend to split or break, keep your nails short and trim them after bathing. Use a nail hardener but avoid products containing toluene sulfonamide or formaldehyde that can cause redness or irritate the skin.

Moisturize your feet daily, especially in the summer. Best to use a cream specifically for feet, as the skin needs of the foot are different that the rest of your body. Don’t get the moisturizer between your toes to avoid fungal infections. Dietary changes that supposedly strengthen nails don’t work. Unless you’re deficient in protein – rare among people in the United States – adding protein to your diet won’t strengthen your nails. Similarly, soaking your nails in gelatin won’t help either.

It’s easy to neglect your nails. But a little basic nail care can go a long way to keeping your nails in healthy condition. One important advice, you should have both your manicure and pedicure done every two weeks. This will help with the process of taking care of your nails. As a salon/spa owner, we recommend that you give your customer the best experience .To do so please check out these spa pedicure chairs at whole sale price. That you customers will enjoy for their many relaxing, pampering features. In conclusion, Take advantage of these helpful tips to protect and keep your nails clean.

Massage Therapy – Health Benefits Of Massage Therapy

Health Benefits Of Massage Therapy

Why not step it up by offering your customers another form of pampering? If you don’t provide massage therapy as one of you Spa & Salon services you may want to reconsider after learning about its amazing benefits. Massage therapy has been in existence for thousands of years. As a salon/spa owner, we recommend that not only you had that service but also take advantage of these affordable massage equipment.

  • There are many health benefits of massage therapy; however, we will mention just a few.
  • Reduces and relieves lower back pain and headaches
  • Improves sleep and the immune system
  • Improves the condition of the skin and blood circulation
  • Relives depression and anxiety
  • It’s a great stress reliever and over all very rejuvenating
  • Furthermore, here are some types of massages that you can offer customers. Swedish massage
  • Hot Stone
  • Deep tissue
  • Shiatsu
  • Pregnancy Massage

In conclusion, if you have been in business for a few years, adding this great health benefit and different massage types as a service to your Spa and your Salon will help you remain competitive and make your business more appealing to current and new customers and increase your revenue.

Gel and acrylic nails: their differences

Gel and acrylic nails

Among the artificial nail styles, two techniques stand out as the most commonly sought after in the salon industry — gel nails and acrylic nails. There are advantages and disadvantages to each style that you should know, even though you probably won’t be able to tell them apart when finished. Here are the juicy details of gel and acrylic nails – all the information you need to know how to select the best artificial nail technique that works for you and also check out these affordable manicure products and tools.

Acrylic nails are basically artificial nail tips which are glued in place over your natural nails, and that makes your nails stronger and longer. Because they have been around for so long, this means that technicians have plenty of experience working with acrylic nails, which is one of the primary benefits of getting them. You will definitely want to select a technician that has been properly trained, since acrylic nails applied incorrectly can look unnatural.

One disadvantage of acrylic nails, as opposed to gels, is that it requires a strong chemical solvent to remove the acrylics. Another disadvantage is that they also do not promote healthy nail growth like gel nails do.

The technician will first prepare your nails by cutting, filing and roughing up their surface with an emery board when applying acrylic nails. This is a technique that helps the acrylic better adhere to the nail bed. Then, the technician will glue the artificial tips to the tips of your natural nails and then the tips are cut and shaped to the size you like. First, a small brush is dipped into a liquid monomer and then into a powder polymer when applying the treatment. A small “ball” of acrylic product is created in this manner which is applied to each of your nail beds and pressed into place.

Gel Nails

This technique only started gaining popularity in the United States within the past few years, even though gel nails are not a new innovation in the artificial nail industry. It may be said that it is growing in popularity because it creates a thinner and more flexible artificial nail that looks much more natural than acrylic nails do. It also can be worn as a protective layer over your natural nails until your desired nail length is achieved, but also promotes the growth of natural nails. You can choose whether or not to apply tips, but they can be substituted for a full gel tip, that is created over a gel form on your real nails.

In conclusion, The new Gel Nails technique is what most people are using now based on his beneefitss

The preparation for gel artificial nails is pretty much the same as preparation for acrylic nails –the nails have to be cut, filed and roughed up with an emery board. Then, if you are using artificial tips, they must be glued to the tip of each of your nails. You can also spread a thin layer of the gel onto each nail and cure them underneath a UV lamp for approximately 15 seconds or so. This procedure will get your nails ready for natural nail overlays, which are done over a disposable nail form.

Multiple coats are needed like nail polish and then cured between coats underneath the UV light.
The end result is a thin and lightweight, natural feeling, and natural looking nail when done correctly Please click here for more affordable UV light products.

Feng Shui Your Way To Salon And Spa Success

Feng Shui Your Way To Salon And Spa Success

What is Feng Shui?  Feng shui Literally, “wind water” in the Chinese language, Feng Shui is more commonly known as an ancient art and science, that deals with balancing and directing energy to promote a positive, healthy, and successful life.  In short, Feng Shui is about the directional placement of items representing the five Feng Shui elements— wood, fire, earth, metal, and water.  Proper placement of items representing these elements promotes good health and success, while misplacement of them will bring about bad Feng Shui, or bad luck.  From its inception over 3,000 years ago, the practice of Feng Shui has helped thousands of people organize their professional and personal lives in order to maximize their potential.  Your salon or spa can start to see increased profits with the implementation of just a few Feng Shui tips and tricks. Please click here to find more Feng Shui whole sale products.

Design Basics Feng Shui relies on cardinal directions illustrated on an energy map called a Bagua.  Your Bagua helps you to determine the direction of certain energies in your space.  For instance, the northern area of your salon or spa relates to career and professional life, the south to reputation and recognition, the east to family and health, and the west to children and creativity.  You can use the elements themselves or colors related to the five elements in each of these areas to direct the flow of good chi.  Chi is the life-force energy that flows through everything. There is good chi and bad chi.  Feng Shui seeks to balance this energy.  Here are five ways you can use Feng Shui design elements in your spa or salon:

Place items related to water in the northern part of your salon or spa.  You can put a water fountain there, artwork that is blue or even something sculptural that has a wavy shape.  The color blue is associated with relaxation.  Your customers will feel relaxed as soon as they enter your Salon/Spa.

The color red will promote positive recognition for your brand when placed in the southern area of your space. If this is where your pedicure chairs are located, consider upgrading them to incorporate the color red.  A red accent wall is another great, inexpensive, and trendy design option. We recommend you check these pedicure chairs at whole sale price.

Hang lush, green plants in the southeast corner of your shop.  This symbolizes growth, and growth is good.  It means more money for you!

Salons and spas are places where creativity flourishes.  Your customers rely on you to provide them with creative services that they couldn’t obtain elsewhere.  You can use metal design elements and the color white in the western sector of your Salon/Spa to enhance creative energy.  Think white receptionist desks or white manicure tables, if that applies .Make sure you have a bell or a chime that goes off when your customers enter.  Your customer’s presence is good chi. Make sure they know it by greeting them with genuine enthusiasm and warmth.

In brief, balance, Happiness, and Good Fortune for all. Good Fortune for all Feng Shui, “is just an ancient way to become more aware of your surroundings,” says Feng Shui expert Ellen Whitehurst.  By keeping your Salon/Spa clean, organized, free of dust, and by incorporating a few basic Feng Shui design elements into the overall layout of your shop, you can be sure that your customers will be positively affected.  They will appreciate your efforts and will want to spend more time at your place of business.  This will not only lead to increased happiness for you, your staff, and your clients; but it will also generate repeat and referral business.  Which is the ultimate end goal—balance and an overflowing cash register.

Nail health signals: How to take care of your cuticles and nails?

Nail health signals


Your toenails and fingernails protect the tissues of your toes and fingers. They are made up of layers of a hardened protein called keratin, which is also in your hair and skin. The health of your nails can be a clue to your overall health. Healthy nails are usually smooth and consistent in color. Specific types of nail discoloration and changes in growth rate can be signs of lung, heart, kidney, and liver diseases, as well as diabetes and anemia. White spots and vertical ridges are harmless. Please visit for more affordable manicure products.

Nail problems that sometimes require treatment include Bacterial and fungal infections Ingrown nails Tumors Warts .Keeping your nails clean, dry, and trimmed can help you avoid some problems. Do not remove the cuticle, which can cause infection. Cuticles are important. Though you may only think about your cuticles when you get a manicure, they’re not just hanging out on your hands. They serve a purpose, and they need your TLC. Your cuticles are part of your skin. They sit atop your nails’ growth matrix, which is the part of your nails that grows. Cuticles are “there for a reason, like a barrier or a protection for the nail matrix,” says Richard Scher, MD, a Cornell University dermatology professor. So therefore make sure, your manicurist does not cut your cuticles.

How to take care of cuticles and nails: To keep that protection as a barrier strong, follow these six tips.

  1. Don’t Cut Your Cuticles. Dermatologists say there’s no good reason to cut the cuticles. Cutting them could open the door to infection or irritation. “If you remove the cuticle, that space is wide open, and anything can get in there.
    Cutting your cuticles can also lead to nail problems, such as ridges, white spots, or white lines. If you get bacterial infection in that area, it can hamper that fingernail’s growth. “That’s not particularly aesthetic, as well as being uncomfortable,” says Ella Toombs, MD, a Washington, D.C., dermatologist.
  1. If you’re hoping to make your nails appear longer, you can push your cuticles back gently with a wooden orange stick instead. “Cuticles don’t want to be cut,” Toombs says. “They’re supposed to be soft, and cutting can make them hard, more likely to fracture. If you cut it, it has an increased tendency to split off.”
  1. Moisturize. Although the cuticles don’t feel like the soft skin on the rest of your hands, they’re composed primarily of skin, so it’s essential to keep them moisturized. “Cuticles get dry. They crack, peel, and flake, just like the skin does,” Scher says. “A good moisturizer for the cuticles is important, just like for dry skin. Any skin moisturizer will work fine for the cuticles. When you put it on your hands and there’s some left over, rub it into the cuticles.”…You can use ointments at night when you aren’t touching papers in your office. Lotions can be used throughout the day, because the hands don’t get as greasy, but lotions aren’t as moisturizing as creams and ointments. A hot wax treatment, which may be offered at the nail salon, is another good way to moisturize the cuticles.
    People dip their hands into the warm, oily wax, then put on plastic gloves and a mitt to seal in the heat, which they wear for 10 to 15 minutes. After you take it off, the hands, nails, and cuticles are softer. It’s a wonderful treatment for nails and cuticles. “Whatever method you choose, be sure to moisten your hands regularly. The more frequently you lubricate the hands, including the nails and cuticles, the better they will be.
  1. Avoid Rough Manicurists. Many people see their dermatologist when they develop red, sore spots around their nails or cuticles caused by a skin infection called paronychia .Before getting your nails done, tell your manicurist that you only want your cuticles pushed back very gently with an orange stick, nothing more. If she pushes the cuticles too vigorously, ask her to stop right away.
  1. Steer Clear of Drying Agents: The hands, nails, and cuticles can dry out from frequent dish washing and from nail polish remover containing acetone. So, experts recommend wearing gloves for dish duty and using acetone-free nail polish remover. Whether washing clothes or dishes, you really need to wear vinyl gloves. That’s a good time to put the lubricant on. Having the gloves on keeps the oil on the cuticle and nail plate, and it protects them from the drying effects of water.
  1. Keep Your Hands Out of Your Mouth. “Your mouth is a dirty area, and saliva is an enzyme that breaks down skin,” Robinson says. “You can get an infection if you violate the cuticle.”

In conclusion, if you have a habit of biting your nails or nibbling on your cuticles, work on kicking those habits for prettier, healthier hands. Furthermore, provides a large selection of salon/spa products. As a salon /spa owner, we need to make sure that the manicurist are very comfortable while pampering your client, so we recommend these technician stool at whole sale price.

Avoiding Credit Card Fraud

Avoiding Credit Card Fraud


So you’re in the market for the latest pedicure chairs on the market, but you are having a hard time finding a local company that suits your style. There are a lot of online companies that will satisfy your taste and budget, however, you are skeptical about spending such a large amount of money online or over the phone. That is definitely understandable, your personal information is something that you should keep secure. Most online companies just care about the payment that you are making with them but they do not care whether or not you are the card or account holder. With Spa Salon US keeping your information secure is just as important to us as it is for you.

When you purchase your salon/ spa equipment or pedicure chair parts with Spa Salon US, anything that you buy, goes through the AVS process. Completing the AVS is simple and it gives you security and peace of mind as a consumer. In order for Spa Salon US to continue processing your order, the address on your credit card has to match the address that we are shipping to. The most common practice for companies is to ask for the billing address to your card and the address you will like to ship to. That is not the safest method. What if someone gets a hold of your credit card or bank account information and they know the billing address to your account?  If they do, they can still place an order anywhere they like because they have all the necessary information to complete their order. They would not be able to order spa equipment with us. If they are unable to update the address on the card to the address they want the order shipped to they will not be able to use any of your hard earned money with Spa Salon US. We are the leader spa/salon furniture industry, been in business for over 10 years and we found that this is the best way to keep our clients safe.

Next time you are placing for your spa/ salon equipment, whether it is an order for a drain plug or pedicure chairs, think about the practices of the company you are ordering with. Before you pay ask yourself these questions. Do they care about me as a consumer?  Will my information be safe? How long has this company been in business? If you cannot come up with a positive answer to all 3 of those questions about another company, Spa Salon US is the best place for to order with for all of your business needs.

8 Things Smart Spas Consider

8 Things Smart Spas Consider

Lighting is a key element in opening up any space. There is no question that natural sunlight is better than any man-made light. When inside a spa, it’s important to plan the balance between natural and planned lighting. If your spa is surrounded by nature it might get great natural light. However, if you have an urban spa, you have to prioritize the comfort and privacy of your clients. You will have to recreate a wide spectrum light system indoors. Give your space a welcoming ambiance with the right combination of direct and indirect lighting. Spasalonus offers a plethora of affordable lighting.

Going Authentic with Leather: A true spa ambiance is authentic, simple, and genuine. To reach your goal, you must use the real things. If you are going to have plants, avoid plastic fakes. Each and every thing clients touch in the spa must feel natural, warm and agreeable. If they sit or lie down on a vinyl cushion, the ambiance will feel as real and warm as… vinyl! Now leather, that is a luxury that every client enjoys

Fragrance and Feel: A beauty product’s fragrance may be an afterthought for some, but aroma is an important element of any beauty routine. Scent is the most developed sense for emotional memory. A similar scent of your grandmother’s kitchen can bring you back instantly to the memories and emotions of 40 years ago. It is one of the most important ambiance elements. A well designed scent is one of the cornerstones of a memorable spa ambiance. Different scents create different moods; some are more toning while others are more calming or refreshing. For your clients, herb extract or essential oil in your organic beauty cleansers, scrubs, creams and oils can calm, distress, invigorate, soothe and much more. In many spas, the signature scent is part of the operational and marketing plans.

Botanical Escapes pro kit Retail Boutique: The right placement and lighting will put your client at ease while maximizing retail sales. Here are some design tips: Place the retail products at appropriate reaching heights for client’s comfort. Present the products in a manner which will set the perceived value of the products. If the experience inside the spa is perfect, but the client feels pressured in the boutique, you just killed the ambiance! Stimulate the five senses of the customers in strategic places throughout the spa with non-aggressive marketing supports.

Choosing Décor   :A cluttered room equals a smaller room. Restrict the amount of furniture to necessary pieces, and limit accessories. Keep rooms tidy and organized. With things neatly arranged or out of sight, the remaining space will feel orderly and open. Keep the floor as clear as possible. Remove large rugs to create the illusion of more floor space.

A well-placed mirror gives a room sparkle and a bright open feeling, making any space look larger. By reflecting both natural and artificial light mirrors will make a room seem brighter, both during the day and at night.

Choose the Right Pedicure Chairs: In the right pedicure chair your customer is gently reclined, ensconced in relaxation, and just a moment away from all kinds of luxurious services that your carefully chosen pedicure chair makes possible. Key features including manicuring arms, headrests, matching stools, massage, foot baths and others increase the amount of profit one skilled technician can make with each customer. A profitable pedicure chair can offer your client a range of services; focused massage, facials, manicures, pedicures, foot baths, wraps, and hair service all surrounding a comfortable, accommodating, and profitable chair. Whirlpool systems are made easy with an Auto-fill system that fills water in the basin of a pedicure chair to the proper level automatically. Your tech can ready for the next client quickly with pump systems that offer simple, efficient water discharge. We suggest the Pavia pedicure spa packageNS298, spa pedicure chairM3 spa pedicure chair, Yuna pedicure spa package. For more options, please check these spa pedicure chairs at whole sale price.

In conclusion, the more services your customers receive, they will be happier and the more business they will send your way. Invest in multi-function furniture. For instance, a manicurist stool with built-in storage lets you tuck away supplies and products, while a massage table with cabinets underneath is a great place to hide sheets, towels and even a hot-towel cabby. The right equipment allows each tech to maximize services, while clients to lay in comfort and leave feeling relaxed and beautiful. Remember, happy customer equals more Business.